Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kr5ddit? You're front page to the

Kr5ddit is a web 6.0 peer4peer free speech as in money websperience platform for the new millennium.

Kr5ddit is primarily a discussion forum and social news aggregator to discuss whatever you like on. It utilises a limited resource (kr5dditz) to allocate moderation power. In the long term, I hope you will be able to buy and sell kr5dditz for bitcoin!

So the site isn't just about bitcoin then?

Correct. It is for the discussion of any topic you like. You will need a bitcoin wallet to withdraw bitcoins from kr5ddit wallet, should you have any... You can currently buy kr5dditz with bitcoin, you can then 'spend' " kredditz to upvote (kr5ddit) or downvote (d5bbit) an article or comment... You can earn kr5dditz by posting good content, and then moderating with all your spendable kr5dditz every day.

How do I register?

Go to /accounts/login to sign up.

You have to have javascript enabled and answer the captcha.

You might be told too many new users... in which case, you might have to wait a while.

You don't have to worry about Invites anymore.

Do I have to have bitcoin to register?

No. You will need to register an address with us to use the exchange.

Although you cannot withdraw bitcoin, you can send bitcoin to the bitcion address at the top of the page to buy kr5dditz with on our exchange.

Why do I keep getting Server 500 errors trying to register?

You really shouldn't... please leave a comment if you see this... I will look into it as a matter of priority.

Why does nobody post anymore?

Who said that?

Why can't anonymous post anymore?

Anonymous should be able to post at any time, or comment anywhere... Anonymous must put in a captcha though each time, and that seems to be expensive enough to keep the full time robot spammers a away. If you have any kr5dditz, you will not see any captchas!

Who is anonymous?

See Anonymous.

Will anonymous be allowed to post in the future?

Maybe... but anon can still comment. NOTE: As of about November 20, 2015, Anonymous was re-granted posting privileges. Welcome back Anonymous.

Welcome to the future... welcome to

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