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Created by shithead 8 months, 4 weeks ago
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Hey IWETHEY, how it is going? I heard you kicked Blastard off your forum in the 2000s because he was morally opposed to your fake kiddie porn idea to photgraph grownups in sex and then Photoshoip them to look like under age. You big sickos you lot!

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Created by shithead 9 months, 1 week ago
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In the east it is a male dominated society controlled by males.

In the west it is a male dominated society controlled by females!

Or at least it was.

You see children, Uncle Shithead comes from a time long ago before smart phones got invented, and before the GOP was formed, and back when Liberal Democrats did dirty secret tricks to screw the Whigs until they had to give up.

But Uncle Shithead, you claim, that's Mississauga/Mahogany/Misogamy you can't even spell it correctly, but anyways that's sexist, isn't it?

Well let's goes a far far ways back, after the Dinosaurs and Egyptians, but before the founding of the USA. During the Catholic Church before reformation and Lutheranism. Priests and other church members were allowed to marry women even if women could not be priests. So instead women married priests and then took control of their resources and church. Jesus never said that females were less than males, and said they were equals in marriage. Marriage was invented by women for other women to wear men like they do clothes and then control and manipulate him.

Well when the preacher's wife took control of things, it made a male dominated society controlled by females. For some reason males in the East could not be pussy-whipped that way, but males in the west could. So the church passed a law that priests cannot marry or have sex. Which pissed off the females.

Anyways, the USA was founded, Civil War, interracial marriages, women's rights to vote, and the 1960s. Males dominated everything but math and science which women dominated. But that damn hippy dippy bullshit made it so women got made fun of by other women for doing math and science when they should be doing women's studies aka gender studies bka liberal progressive feminist bullshit!

Are you still with me Johnny and Suzie? Well Uncle Shithead has moar.

Since it is a male dominated society controlled by females, when the shit hits the fan males get blamed. The females control the males with sex and friendzones and other crap. The queen bees made it so only they can climb to the top of the corporate ladder and can kick any other female off the ladder to success. Hillary Rodham Clinton did this a lot, which is why she lost.

Females made the males genetically engineer crops to grow bigger using estrogen that turns males more passive as gay or bisexual and females more aggressive as lesbians or bisexuals. It makes people fatter as well, and some people become transgender instead of gay lesbian or whatever. Alex Jones was right, the chemicals they put into the water that make the frogs gay is estrogen and other hormones! You see around 1980 before GMOs were used a lot, the whole GLBTQ spectrum was just 3% of the population and now it is more like 48% of the population! We got Intergender, intersex, gender fluid, non-binary, non-CIS and other terms. So male and female doesn't mean what it used to mean nor does he or she or they.

OK so women got the right to vote and equal pay for equal work and free birth control and other benefits, but that is not enough because it is still a male dominated society controlled by females. Females didn't just want control but want to dominate it as well. But males are dominate and females are submissive in most cases. Shit fuck piss cunt OMGWTFBBQ!

So gender studies was invented, sort of a third wave of feminism called social justice. WTF is social justice? Social justice is taking away what rightfully was earned by one group, and giving it to other groups who didn't work as hard to earn it, because..... well fuck you that's why....white straight males are the devil....cramps, it is that time of the month...need chocolate....its all your fault justice!

Social justice apparently is a female dominated society controlled by females and all of the males are put underground on ejaculating ball milking machines to harvest their sperm to keep frozen so females can use it to have a baby via a turkey baster instead of a male. That is what social justice means!

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Created by shithead 9 months, 1 week ago
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Right on you ignorant mother fucker!

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Created by shithead 9 months, 1 week ago
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Very good we know it was a CIA false flag event and he was dead before the shooting happened.

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Created by shithead 9 months, 1 week ago
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Smarties are a special kind of stupid. No social skills no emotions, just human robots.

Wanna get stupid? Become a fool or shithead!

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