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Rupert Kavanagh, Legitimist Absolute Royalist
Answered Mar 9, 2019 · Author has 599 answers and 41.5k answer views
He is more than a King, who is just appointed by God; and more than a president, who can be appointed by foreigners: he is an American President!, appointed by the American People!, who are collectively the most important people on earth and far more important than God, the envy of all other people and times, who love and follow the American Constitution!, part dictated by God and part dictated by Jesus, and created by the Founding Fathers!, the most important and holiest of all documents, that guarantees wealth, happiness and democracy to all who subscribe to it’s perfect principles and post off ten copies to other persons warning them to each post off ten copies ad infinitum until the Rapture occurs and Heaven on Earth is fulfilled, defined as The American Way of Life for every living being.

Mr. Trump, now nearing 88% approval from the Republican voters who will put him back in in a few years, has the most important job in the Universe for all Eternity, and will be worshipped forever along with his compeers Washington, Lincoln, Obama and every other American President!, not for his considerable human-like qualities and genius-like thinking, but because of that incomparable position which God Himself Envies.

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