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This post specifically is what's safe for work:

  1. Visit A Tube Near You
  2. Enter The Following Query Into The Search Form:
    • Cosplay Girl
  3. Click The "Search" Or Magnifying Glass Button
  4. "Fap-Fappin' Away..."
  5. The Mind Simply Reels.

    In other news, that the Washington State Health Authority saw fit to terminate my Medicaid has not mere Patents coming right out of my ass, but Nobel Prizes.

    I Am Absolutely Serious:

    I know how to _reverse_ Global Warming, enough so that we'll get the ice caps back.

    And how?

    Eat Tree Fruit, Tree Nuts and Tree Oils

    Please don't pour your Canola down the drain, it really _does_ make me cry when food goes to waste. But in the time you've got left until your Rape Seed Oil runs dry, put Olive Oil on your list.

    I have read _repeatedly_ that Olive Oil is completely unsuitable for frying, as it has a very low Flash Point. In my experience that is absolutely not the case for the Extra Virgin variety; possibly it is for the pale-yellow oil, which is the product of crushing the pits.

    Extra Virgin Oil merely bruises the Olives, it doesn't even crush them - that would be the Virgin Grade.

    The difference between the various grades - and $$$$ - of the Olive Oils is not just the color and not just the taste, but far far more importantly the Shelf Life.

    If you don't use Olive Oil much then you _definitely_ want the Extra Virgin, despite the expense; it's only _restaurants_ that use the low-price crushed-pit Olive Oil.

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rape seed oil is not food, but you can use it to power your automobile, or to start your barbeque - pour a little on some paper, pile coals on top, light paper.

Most olive oils are contaminated with fake olive oil. The italians have food police to test olive oil, I saw it on 60 minutes (iirc).

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I heard they can make oil out of palm leaves, is that safe?

I never heard of rape seed oil before, is that like grape seed? Odd name. Rape seed. Might trigger some SJWs.

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Palm oil comes from palm fruit or palm fruit kernel. Rapeseed oil was rebranded "Canola Oil" when they bred a version without the human-toxic ingredient, whatever that was. Rapeseed oil was traditionally used for paint, and for industrial purposes, iirc.

In the 1970s canola was created through traditional plant cross-breeding by removing two things found in the rapeseed plant: glucosinolates and erucic acid. Erucic acid was removed because it was believed to be inedible or toxic in high doses. The newly developed plant was renamed “canola” – a combination of “Canadian” and “Oil” (or ola) to make this difference apparent.

By definition, if a seed is labeled “canola” it has to have less than 30 micromoles of glucosinolates and less than 2% of erucic acid.

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Hey did you know some of those cosplay girls are underage or guys? The more you know!!!!!

I thought you made an electronic device that can be installed to a house to lower the electric bill and use less power. That is better than using oils and bust a nut.

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