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The Green New Deal isn't even green. It will enslave us all.

Global Warming is a fraud! Carbon Dioxide isn't even that bad.

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Climate change was not about the climate.

Climate change is about Change.


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Climate Change is about Republican Talking Points.

It was quite an influential Republican Pollster who personally advised the Younger George Bush to step speaking of "Global Warming" but to refer to "Climate Change" instead.

It is for this specific reason that I myself never speak of Change anymore, rather I set my kitchen on fire on a Damn near continuous basis.


In other news, a close, old and trusted friend just made plain that he's never read a Wall Of Text I ever wrote:

In this morning's missive, he pointed out that it is the charismatic psychotics who become cult leaders.

The Mind Simply Reels.


I'm copying my reply to the entirety of each of Caltech's and UCSC's History, Anthropology and Psychology Departments.

The Book Simply Sells Like Hotcakes. Q.E.D.

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First it was global cooling in the 1970s then global warming in the 1990s. When asked about this scientists called it climate change to explain how it can warm and cool using the same exact data.

Climategate showed that they fudged the numbers to show warming. So the books were cooked.

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