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My current song is Panic at the Disco's High Hopes:

Fulfill the prophecy
Be something greater
Go make a legacy
Manifest destiny
They say it's all been done but they haven't seen the best of me
So I got one more run and it's gonna be a sight to see


Last Thursday I took a trip down to the big city. This song came on the radio at the exact moment I drove past the building with the people who didn't do their job. My destination was the other building with a fellow who also didn't do his job, but whom I wanted to offer a second chance.

I'm reading a swell recently-published book. Some of my K5 diaries were about our 'Clockwork Universe', which has a much better basis than I previously realized. The author clarifies the purpose of the different esoteric arts:

Thus, in ancient times, a prophet was one who announced what will come, i.e., Events beyond human intercession. But an oracle was one who announced Events in which human intercession could play a role. An omen-reader interpreted visible and invisible trends regarding specific issues and changes in worldview or Zeitgeist -- the spirit of the times. The function of shamans was deliberately to enter the invisibles via certain and precise altered-state-of-conciousness disciplines and catalyze alterations in their arrangements or actualities

I guess right now I'm an aspiring omen-reader. I meditated on the circumstances, decided on a course of action. Then Thursday arrived, and I realized the person I'd drafted my letter to couldn't really help, so I re-addressed my letters and went to the Valley of the Sun with just enough time to make my schedule.

Afterwards I went to ADOSH, learned that I should have filed my lighting complaint on osha.gov, then went to the clearance goodwill... There was a car with a hood-mounted "light-bar" (presumably so the owner of the car can blind oncoming traffic - I'd post a picture, if I could figure out how). After surveying the clearance outlet I decided I didn't need any more junk. But when I left a little hatchback being followed by a police cruiser parked right next to me. "this is going to take a while", so I went back inside to witness the hurricane of junk. I walked out with 3 books, a CD and a DVD.

Then I went to my brother's, whose house guest was interested in my new hobby.


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