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This isn't so much that I'm such a bad coder but in part that I've gotten to be quite a good singer - I sing on the street most days - as well as it taking quite a long time to close serious clients.

I've never had much luck at directly soliciting them. While advertising does work, I'm still required to entice them to come to me, mostly by wearing lots of fire-engine-red lipstick and bleaching my locks platinum blonde.

("Blondes really do have more fun." -- One of my seventh-grade teachers who we all felt had reason to know the difference.)

There are three gating factors:

A congenital deformity in my hips makes it painful to stand in one place for very long. Just today I tried walking side by side but that wasn't enough to ease the pain. (I do just fine walking long distances, but short ones? Meh.)

I don't have many songs in my set list. It takes me quite a long time to memorize new lyrics, with the only way I've found to actually do so being to write or print the lyrics on paper then read them as I sing. For quite a long time I've been trying to grow my set list by completely memorizing each new song before moving on to the next.

That is way too slow. Instead, I'll add one new song every couple of days, eventually to have an entire booklet of lyrics. None of my audience seems object, not even the people who tip me, or who give my an audience by sticking around as I sing.

I've got some serious problems in my voice that prevent me from recording my vocal album. I have a credible plan for that: sing vocal exercises accompanied by my keyboard.

Mick Jagger is well into his eighties yet even he still sings scales Every Single Day!

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