This is important: I've been sitting on a zero-day for five solid years. I'm certain by now no one else knows about it, but to close the hole will require coordinated efforts between many different people, mostly the security teams at a number of vendors.

I need to contact some complete strangers but want them to feel warm-n-cozy-n-stuff so I want to build as many common roots in my chains of trust and there.s

Please do not sign my key unless you have verified the validity of my US Passport.

I have what I regard as a copacetic way for us to exchange IDs remotely, however the sandpaper on the insides of my eyelids is too abrasive to me to post it without suffering cardiac arrest so I'll just leave this tip to get you started:

$ gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --receive-key 87741D160E80D4F860A192FE69297A03F84E2022


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Sorry I can't seem to find that key with my gpg version in Windows. Maybe it only works in Linux or MacOSX?

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