I can see why Crawford doesn't like them. First they only allowed DVDs and VHS tapes to be sold by video stores and then they made it so Apple devices can only be sold by authorized Apple dealers rather than used and surplus and ecycling companies.

Why is it every website has a pop-up notification box now to tell me the system was hacked and stole my account info or want to send me notifications? That is adware right there.

Amazon is The Devil, right Crawford?

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Created by Mike_Crawford 4 months ago
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Amazon isn't The Devil itself, rather Amazon is a Tool Of The Devil.

While Jeff Bezos as well is not The Devil, I have long regarded him as The Spawn Of Satan. But I am under the impression that he wants to salvage his reputation so he raised the pay of his warehouse workers to $15 per hour, and just yesterday announced that he would donate $100,000,000 to the homeless; he had some help in selecting several well-deserving charitable organizations to get the money.

HOWEVER! There is some controversy over his raising his warehouse workers pay; among other things I've read that their bonuses have been cut, but I haven't been following that closely enough to know any details.

For electronics I generally buy from NewEgg. Most music CDs I buy from a brick-and-mortar shop on Burnside in Portland, a couple blocks west of Powell's City Of Books. Being an Old Fart, some of my favorite bands I buy online from Oldies.com.

I've never bought a DVD or Blu-ray video but were I to do so, if I ordered online it would be from Powells.

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Created by MSNBC 4 months ago
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I used to buy from here until Amazon shut them down for a while:

This place is what Radio Shack should have been:

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Created by Mike_Crawford 3 months, 3 weeks ago
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I used to live about a half mile away from the Sunnyvale MicroCenter. I bought two UltraLast rechargeable battery starter kits and several packs of four cells, two AA and two AAA each. I bought lots of other stuff from them as well: MicroCenter is RIGHTEOUS!

I gave one charger and some batteries to my mother. She put the batteries in a plastic bag then put that bag on top of her trash can so the garbage company would recycle them. She recycled the $$$ charger.

The charger I kept then stopped working. I expect that's because it doesn't use a transformer at all, rather it is a very, very small switching power supply. If you buy any brand of rechargeable, always put the charger on a surge suppressor.

Otherwise I was very very very happy with my UltraLasts, I recommend them highly.

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