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Created by Mike_Crawford 3 months ago
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I might be able to help out with Django development.

"Might" because Real Soon Now I'm going to be launching Soggy Jobs' crowdfunding campaign, then after that hiring three engineers - a Back End Developer, an Entry-Level QA Engineer and a Senior Front-End Developer.

If we use Django to implement the features I have planned for them to work on, then I expect I will contribute. We're definitely going to use Python but before I commit to a web application framework I want to ask my engineers to select a Python framework that will work well for them, with some possibility that we'll write our own framework from scratch specifically for efficiency.

Among other things, I want to support three or four levels of Javascript version in the browsers, in general the browsers that came with Mac OS X 4.6 and Windows XP as well as browsers that don't use Javascript at all or are too old for their Javascript to be useful to us. I'm going to do this to support the Internet cafes in the developing world, as well as the computers in public libraries anywhere. Even in the US it's common for the boxen in libraries to run truly prehistoric operating systems.

However for recent browsers, I'll tell the engineers to use any Javascript they please.

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Created by MSNBC 3 months ago
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Just make the framework generate Python and HTML based on a database or XML files like Ruby on Rails.

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