Created by Mike_Crawford 4 months ago
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There was frost on the ground as I set off for my shrink appointment at seven this morning.

I debated whether I should work at home or at NedSpace today. From my shrinks office, to get to NedSpace would take two hours, but I decided I would go to NedSpace - it's in downtown Portland - because there's infinite free cover there, or in reality, that coffee is paid for by my rent, whereas at home I'm out of coffee.

Using my iPhone 7's Personal Hotspot works quite poorly in the late afternoon and early evening, but just now at 8:20 AM it works just fine.

When I get some cash I'll subscribe to Comcast again. If they ask about me moving to Gaeta, Italy I'll tell them the job didn't work out.

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Created by MSNBC 4 months ago
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Tell them you ordered a soda in Italian and accidentally called the man a shithead in Italian and hilarity ensued.

I hope Nedspace has lots of diary creamer as well for you.

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Created by Mike_Crawford 4 months ago
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In at least one South American country, the local dialect for the Spanish verbatim translation of "Take me to the airport" means "Fuck me to the airport".

I am absolutely serious, and my father knew a U of Idaho prof whose taxi driver howled with laughter when he said that.

As for coffee, I like my coffee like I like my women: strong, black, ground-up and in my freezer.

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