It started out sunny and then got very dark with clouds and the storm.

I think it is a global warming climate change mod. They hadn't done that since Civilization 2.

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Created by Mike_Crawford 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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I let my friend Nathan use my iPad.

Typically he would play games while he and I pretended to be paying customers at Starbucks and the like.

I found that his games dramatically decreased its battery life.

On the other hand, one of those games had The Simpsons in it, and took place in Springfield. No word as yet as to what state it took place in, but I assert that by now it's safe to assume that Springfield is in the United States.

This because of Mr. Burns. He's very American.

Nathan just took off on day. When we met he told me he was on his way to his childhood home of Centralia Washington. Even so, he spoke as if he was from Tennessee. He said that's because Centralia is a small town.

Happily, he didn' take my iPad with him.

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Might be playing Tapped Out on the iPad, The Simpsons game where Springfield blows up and they have to rebuild it. Donuts are the currency in the game that speeds things up and buys premium stuff.

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Created by OrionBlastar 3 weeks, 1 day ago
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$39.99 DLC called Gathering Storm includes climate change effects, volcanoes, hurricanes, natural disasters, sea platforms, wind turbines, etc.

I think I'll wait for the summer sale when nobody buys it and they get desperate.

Civ VI RIse and Fall is good enough, I found myself playing Civ VI Beyond the Sword because it loads things faster.

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Created by OrionBlastar 3 weeks, 1 day ago
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Sorry Civ IV Beyond the Sword part 4 of the Civ series. Designed for a single core 1.4Mhz system, runs fast on my quad-core Intel i5 2.8Ghz system.

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