When I told a man about something ridiculous about being a woman

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I told a man something ridiculous about being a woman as a side comment. I don't remember what it was, but it was something regular about being a woman that made me feel insecure that i was over thinking out loud, and then i said yea... being a woman is hard. it sucks that women are treated like livestock.

then the man said something like that men are treated like livestock. they have to go to war, and it's always the women and children who get saved first and stuff like that.

How do you guys feel about that type of mentality? either one. I'm just curious.

this is not a troll comment i swear. i just really sympathize with everyone almost. I'm a woman and i feel lost in this world because of it. i would rather be a man just because of the privilege. maybe i'm missing something though?

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Created by MSNBC 3 months ago
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i would rather be a man just because of the privilege.

You mean penis as in penis envy. Freud was correct.

Men don't have privileges they have responsibilities, only rich men have privileges. Women often shulk off their responsibilities and make men do the work for them.

Women have it easier just smile for a man and he gives her free stuff, or fixes stuff for her for a chance to get laid which may or may not happen.

Not-Men don't have responsibilities either.

Equal rights comes with equal responsibilities.

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Created by anonymous 3 months ago
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Sure sign up for the draft like a man, take a dirty job like a man, pay half your salary to your ex-spouse and children like a man.

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