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This is why the rest of us have higher prices. That is all.

I'm Wolf Blitzer with $8320 worth of clothes.

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In the Panhandlers guide to the galaxy it tells people how to earn more money stealing and begging than actually working a job. They get busted every once in a while and do jail time, but are able to stash some money away for safe keeping. Usually they have friends who hold on to gold and cash to bail them out.

They also make money via fake advertising pyramid schemes where they promise money for posting ads but then quickly fold the company after scamming people out of ten thousand or more dollars in ads fees on their fake website.

Kr5ddit just moves rocks around.

Oh yeah quickest way to earn money is grow you own pot, and post on Instagram that you like cannabis and become an Instagram drug dealer.

Raddle is a web site for liberals, anarchists, communists, criminals, terrorists, etc. They got a lot of illegal ways to earn money that work, but if I did any of them I'd lose my medicare benefits.

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This is how niggers learn how to shoplift and steal.

Buy dead hard drive from eBay for $1, break it open to get a super magnet. Use super magnet to rub over security tags on $100 Nike shirts, sneak 8 of them out of the store in a hand bag. Sell on eBay for $50 each for $400 repeat 10 times a month for a solid $4000/month income without a job. It works best on clothing because it folds flat and it is easier to conceal.

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