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My last post here was about meeting my archnemesis. Kr5ddit says that was 3 months ago? Time flies.

Some people are music connoisseurs, I just put the radio on sometimes. On Friday, when I was almost home from my trip to the post office, Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It came on the radio. I thought that was appropriate.

We'll fight the powers that be just
Don't pick our destiny 'cause
You don't know us, you don't belong

This morning I went to a yard sale and found a copy of the Bon Jovi's CD that had Because We Can as the title track. I'm drawn to this lyric:

I ain’t a soldier but I’m here to take a stand

Monday is apparently a holiday (... Columbus / Native Americans' / Indigenous People's Day), my package is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday. I think it'll reach the recipient's desk on Thursday (security, etc). The internet says they're quick to act when they decide it appropriate - here's hoping. He'll either respond by Friday, or send it out to the committee and keep me hanging for another two weeks.

My first shifts in the taxi were about 6 years 7 months ago. Was forced into retirement -3 years + 4 days, on about October 11th 2015. Hopefully by next March it'll all be over but the final report.

P.S. You're all sworn to secrecy w.r.t. this pseudonym, if you notice something by my other pseudonym. k? thx.

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"We're not gonna take it" It has turned into a Jock Jam when they disagree with a ref's decision and call a time out:

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