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The Mighty tDillo bids you Greetings & Salutations

I Aint Dead Yet

Not for lack of trying ...

Wow, we enter a new political era, one where the electorate has become WOKE. Well, I wouldn't put money on any horse in this race, I think the actual results will surprise many. We may even be seeing the gestation of a third party, one which has yet to be named. One borne out of all these Tide-pod eating Millennials. I can tell you this, Liberal it is not. Nor is it God, Flag, Country, baseball, apple-pie & Mom, Big C Conservative. A bit Libertarian without the religious fanaticism. a bit socialist. Unfortunately for many, these folks are going to make fundamental changes to the Constitution thru the mechanism of Amendments. The first of which, rolling out in what will be known as Spring in the States will be an Amendment repealing or modifying the Second Amendment. However, I would not be surprised if they didn`t alter each of the first 10.

Look for term limits, and limits on power. Tball almost made it. But, he just cant keep his mouth shut.

In other news, I was taking a shit, and I had a throne thought; Funny idnt, how Trane obsessed over his little Agents. And now, that knowledge, and the code as well I would imagine, is so highly sought after by the largest corporations in the world. I wonder though, if he isnt out there still in the woods, lighting his pipe with a broken chunk of glass. Or dead in the desert, food for carrion.

Oh well.

I noticed it took a fucking long ass time for my defacement of the FP (well actually just sidebar) to be noticed and corrected. I began to think it become a permanent part of the site. I would advise to keep a close eye, I may leave other little play purties behind just on general principles.

Any of my friends still here-abouts, you are welcome to follow me on Quora. It is quite a diversion. Not quite like K5 but infinitely more interesting and engaging. Crawford especially, I think you would find that they welcome walls of text, they love personal stories, authoritative answers, and expert testimony. While at the same time most forgiving of editorial minutiae.

I would post a current picture but I dont want to overstrain the p75 this site runs on.

Instead I will leave you with this lil ditty that I think would serve kr5ddit well as a theme song:

Texas Hippie Coalition - "Pissed Off and Mad About It"

A rogue AI
Supernatural Being
Annoying Asshole
A Myth
A disgraced Jedi Knight
SJW Socialist Jizz Wanker
Holly Hops Dupe
Pissed off
Mad About It
The REAL Capt`n Spaulding
Military Intelligence Officer
a big hairy turd
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Rape and death threats from tdillo to me!

Kr5ddit, ban him or I'll keep asking you too until you White Knight me!

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Created by OrionBlastar 2 weeks, 4 days ago
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I'm glad you main't dead. Keep alive as long as you can. It is terrible out there.


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Relax play some video games:


Be a cat and knock shit over for your hipster owner and don't get caught or back into the box you go!

Teach your grandkids how to play Zork:

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Created by tdillo 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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I`d rat turd eat a Tide Pod than pretend to be free range pussy.

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Then be a caged pussy.

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I heard the Jedi religion is coming up and being adopted big time, because they welcome transgender and non-binary people. They don't care if someone dyes their hair or has tattoos or wears too much makeup on their face.

I think we might see a Jedi party with the first nonbinary President of the USA in 2020!

Trane, must still be jerking it off to the woodpecker music they make and talk to him with. Exercising naked on nature trails from hell and sleeping with his car on ramps until that landlandy chases him away with blows that would fell an elephant!

TDillo is just one pissed off redneck is all, mad that Trump won the Presidency and Hilldawg didn't. Penis envy! The wrong dick won!

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Hell and Tarnation!

I is Glad, I say GLAD that TBall won! Sure, it seemed like the mistake of the CENTURY at the time, but fuck me dry if the FRUIT of my Looms aint been accepted in the Twenty-third wave of the RUSSO-MURIKKKAN SPACE FORCE KADETS! I is RAHT Proud. I tell you what, an You DINT heard dis from ME neither, but them smart sombitches done got a SEKRIT BASE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON! And another they building on MARS soon to be one on URANUS! Thats where all the TESLAS are being shipped! Elon aint having no problems! He be kicking out a ton of them bastards on the DAILY! I dont cotton the science, but I heard tell them Lectric cars is the only kind what work on airless planets. They even got a race track around Olympus Mons. And them Chiners gonna be down here hol;din they lil yellow dicks! Meanwhile we goin be cruisin L4 through the dusty heart of Mare Tranquillitatis. Well, those of us what got our offisial papers. You do got your papers signed by Star Marshall Pence and Space Admiral Ryan right?

All hail our Galactic Overlords and the Supreme Solar Council!

Hell, just Google the number of commercial space flights since Tballs inauguration. Surprising number of successful launches huh? You didnt imagine that did you? Now multiply that number by four to cover the mil-com launches and HOO-WEE Shee-it we been popping em off more often than Crawford rubs out a load! Earth! What a shit hole!

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Created by TheRiddler 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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I'd like to go to Mars, but I don't want to be left alone to eat nothing but potatoes grown from my own feces. That is beyond gross. Plant some biodomes with fruit and veggies in them first so I don't have to eat shit potatoes with vitamins.

Yeah Moon buggies and Mars buggies run on solar power electric.

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Created by CNNNEWS 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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Created by kr5dit 1 week, 6 days ago
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Trane is alive and well and posting about unfunded basic income with exponential superinflationary realtime index indexes as /u/smegko on /r/basicincome.

Just to let you know.

People even upvote him... I think they must have the brain damage or something.

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Created by Mike_Crawford 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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"so highly sought after by the largest corporations":

I repeatedly urged Trane to apply to Google. Google has always needed Cunning Linguists, even those who don't have any coding chops.

But No, It Was Not To Be:

Trane can't stand to be in the same room as Human Females, nor can he tolerate office politics.

His undergrad degree was in Classical Greek. I don't recall what his Masters was in - some manner of Liberal Art - but I do know he graduated with honors.

After that he worked as a Java coder for several years. Were he to heed my hard won advice Google I have no doubt whatsoever would start him at $200k.

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Created by anonymous 2 weeks, 2 days ago
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Trane couldn't even be hired as a Walmart greeter.

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Created by Mike_Crawford 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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Please ask someone other than Momma or your son to eMail me expeditiously after you hear dead relatives beckoning.

Write down my addy so they won't forget.

If I have to sing on the street, I'll send flowers, or, at your option, I will donate to charity.


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Im pretty sure, based on total number of Christmas cards (Not from a bank, insurance agent, or feed & seed) received multiplied by every troll post I have made raised to the power of the total times I have broken any of the ten commandments', (shut up you Mormons, I know yours goes to eleven) then subtract the total number of days in my life that I have spent sober . . . well, I reckon Im liable to see a ugly assed fang tooth Hellhound come up and grab me right square in the dick before any of my dead relatives come calling and drag my ass down to Lucifer S. Legions Creation Famous Flame Cooked Souls of the Damned Bar & Grill. On special, Crispy Soul Nuggets & Chips, with a free 20oz drink.

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Thanks for the Quora tip. I'll check it out.

Trane's addy is robertscottmitchell _at- g - m - a - i - l dot c - o - m

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Nonbinary transgender Texans in a band, must be Dixiecrats.

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Created by MSNBC 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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Go play with some Bagpipe Goddesses:

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