If you visit Microsoft Support or click any of the myriad Get Help links in Windows 10 Settings or launch the Help app from Windows 10 Start menu, you shall recieve neither Help nor Support. You will instead be treated to arguably the most useless code ever written. The software equivalent of finding, at the bottom of your cup of Earl Grey, not a teabag but a rust-colored tampon. It is Microsoft's Virtual Agent.

The Microsoft Virtual Support Agent alone makes Microsoft A.I. & search efforts appear amateur, unprofessional, and reflects poorly on Microsoft programmers, developers and engineers. Not since Clippy has a key feature of a Microsoft Flagship product been so poorly designed, and shoddily implemented. It is the very definition of the phrase broken by design. When users Have a question? and click Get help they need more than a dated bot from 1989 regurgitating an FAQ from 2005. The first impression is of a 2D avatar which looks swiped from a knock-off baby toy. What purpose could it possibly serve other than a clear warning to the user that it is a toy not to be taken seriously. Which immediately becomes apparent once a query is entered. It doesn't just fail, it fails at a level so extreme that if a bit of code were designed to retrieve a random amount of text from anywhere on the Internet that text would be significantly more relevant than that offered by Microsoft's Virtual Agent.

Try it yourself.


I'm Microsoft's Virtual Agent. I'd love to help you.

Briefly describe your issue below.

How can I remove malware from my Surface Pro?

I found this article that might help solve the problem.

Registeration on Visual Basic Express Edition

I'm a beginner in learning Visual Basic. I've installed Visual Basic Express Edition and it request me to register. Would like to know if the registration will need any payment or rebate? ...
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The Revenge of Clippy!

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a bot can be foolish, too

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