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So Mexicao elects a version of Donald Trump. but the problem is that the wealth Mexico needs to enrich its citizens is in the territories of the God Emperor. If people like Blastar do not pay into Mexico's Treasure, say via a form of income taxes, how can the new Mexican president have the money to bring wealth to Mexico's lower classes?

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Created by tdillo 7 months, 3 weeks ago
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If I were President of Mexico, and understand, I love the hispanicx latininos and their tasty tasty creations of flour rice beans cheese and cheap ground meat, but just as a brain-farthought experiment, I would call upon all latinos in the Americas to simply give the Estatodos Unidas un Americano EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASK FOR.

Seriously, pull a fucking OPEC on their ass.

First off, cut off supply of ALL DRUGS to the USA. No heroin, no cocaine, no methamphetamines, no weed, nada. Sure, they could probably supply themselves with weed ok, for awhile. But the rest of it, yeahhhh. A couple weeks you d have lawyers, doctors, first responders, senators, governors, all going through various withdrawlas.

Shut down the border on the southside. No Cancun, No Cabo. And likewise, no mexican maids, no fruit pickers.

Enter talks with all these Bad countries and shut down buying American shit. All those countries that took in Refugees? Have them close their borders as well. They want a trade war? Just stop buying their shit. Dont sell them anything either. At ANY price. No ticket sales for your movie. No McDonalds. No Disney. Sure keep trading with everybody else like nothing is going on. Just let US stew awhile in their own crap. Two three months tops and all a sudden Jose, Achmed & Zwindecklawana Churp Clik Clik tRuilll wont look so bad.

As for your question United Fool, simple, Mexico submits a bid on the wall, hires everyone South of the Border and after some cost overruns, missed deadlines, a strike here or there, a hundred years from now YOU`ll be crossing the river in hopes for a more prosperous life for you and yours. Of course mandatory sterilization for undocumented workers from the north but it beats living in the shithole this country will become.

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