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It's a co-working facility. I have a one-year lease of a permanent - that is, a personal just for me - desk. The rent is $375 and there are a whole whack of amenities.

To work in downtown Portland rocks even more head-bangingly. My newfound wealth - RLY - enables me to buy Express Day Passes so I get here in just one hour on two buses, rather than to Beaverton on two buses and two trains in two hours.

I feel far more productive already!

Lots more lunch options. Pioneer Courthouse Square at lunch time is packed solid with the middle class having hot food from the food carts. I myself got a really really huge Ruben Sandwich from The Block. Their Reubens were selling like hotcakes.

(Nowhere to buy hotcakes in the Central Core though. For that one would have to go to Denny's in NorthEast.)

Just now I added the dozen or so locations of Snap Inc. I'm focussing on multinationals lately in an effort to make my Global Index truly Global. Whoda thunk Yverdon-le-Bains Switzerland was a tech hub?

Later! I gotta go see a man about a horse.

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Can u get snail mail at Netspace? like books/cards etc...

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Yes, but I don't wish to post its address on The Tubes. I'll PM it to you if you promise not to rat me out to the collection agencies.

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$375 per month?

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Yes. But that's with their one-year lease option. Month-to-Month is $475.

A Hot Desk - that is, first-come first-served - is $275 Month-to-Month. I would have gone for the hot desk but my present focus on drivers and embedded means I'll be needing to leave my gear lying around all over everywhere.

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