I Promised My Lady I Would Stop Staying Awake All Night

tl;dr: It's the only way I can get real work done, but sleep deprivation may have been the reason for my recent Emergency Room visit.

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Created by anonymous 10 months, 3 weeks ago
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Know a guy says same exact thing, only difference is that he smokes a ton of meth. Otherwise, same shit, rug sparkling, projects done, but they end up looking like shit because he can't do shit while he's tweaked. Sure, he thinks he's doing a bang up job but he don't know when he is out of his nut. Get some sleep. If you don't have time it's because you are being inefficient, not because you can stay awake longer. Like saying you are better equipped to put out forest fires because you can pee farther than your peers. The one has little or nothing to do with the other.

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