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Melania Is Trolling 'Babypeen' Donny T. on Twitter

WHInsiders say she's been Netflix & Chillin with Tiffany Global Security VP Hank Siemers

What's good for the Cuck is good enough for the Hen and it don't cost $130,000 either.

Melania’s official @FLOTUS account has dropped @realDonaldTrump in favor of @BarackObama, (former President Barack Obama's Twitternym).

This is world-class, grade-A presidential trolling, and I’m here for it.

This, of course, would be a nonissue under a normal presidency, but since The Donald has made his entire time in office about undoing Obama’s legacy, Melania’s choice feels important.

We know exactly what you are doing, Melania, and we love it.

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Hillary Clinton must be the female version of a cuck then with William Jefferson Clinton who is still sexually active with women other than his wife. We know because they filed lawsuits against him and won.

Bill Clinton = King Pimp!

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Hitlery is like the Arcturians in Aliens
Remember, "Can't wait to get back to some Arcturian pussy"
"Yeah but wasn't the one you were with male?"
"It don't matter when it's Arcturian baby!"

That's what it's like with Hillarity Clinton it don't matter if she's male. Like shemale. It don't matter and you should cut Bill some slack. Would YOU want to fuck that bitch? No you wouldn't.

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