You can learn the history of feminism by reading this book. I assign you males to read it to understand females better.

Not that Ayn Rand crap!


See how culture, etiquette, and society caused females to suffer and act and behave a certain way, and how over time we fought to be free and still are not free!

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Created by MSNBC 10 months ago
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Women wants freedom to abort babies they don't want, without putting them up for adoption.

As a result of your choice there babies are murdered or thrown into the trash/rubbish.

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Created by OrionBlastar 10 months, 1 week ago
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This is the type of book that makes male eyes bleed.

Edna has it all, a good marriage, a child is born every three years, wealth, popularity, grew up on a farm with a good education, she is a talented artist and dancer, and has it all that she wants. Yet still, she is unhappy and refuses to play by the rules society has with culture, etiquette. So she ignores her children, even if one has a high fever and consumption about ready to die, she pretends like he does not have a fever so she won't have to check on him. That is very coldhearted and selfish. As you read through the book you notice that she only cares about herself and her happiness, she breaks rules, she is a sociopath, a narcissist, she burns the candle at both ends, she has an affair with a younger man than her husband, she feels she has the freedom and rights to do all of this and feels superior to men and everyone else. Eventually at the end her affair is found out, the shit hits the fan, and then instead of being thankful for all life/god gave her, and everything she got away with, she didn't want to be seen as in an open adultery with her husband as a cuck (Cuckholding is when a wife cheats on her husband) so she has The Awakening that her life is a mess and she should have thought about other people and not just herself, but instead of summoning an angel, she summons a demon for her awakening and so she goes to the nearest lake and drowns herself in effect suicide, aka she killed herself and dies a heroine of this book.

What the F does this have to do with feminism? Most feminists (not all) feel superior to men and other genders. The Sociopathy and Narcissism mental illnesses still haunt them. Like Edna they have everything they want in life, most are born rich and put on a trust to pay for college and live on in case they can't find a job. They think if they can parade around half naked in their underwear or appear naked in a group and just yell and scream that it will end street harassment? That makes no sense. So they start to hate men, make them third-class citizens, try to convince them that they are gay or transgender, to try and get rid of straight males. So with white straight males as a target, they attack everything they love, comic books, video games, tv shows, movies, with political correctness and then ban and censor them when they argue back.

It is Liberal Progressive women and girls that made modern society, culture, and etiquette in modern times and back in the 20th and 19th century. A female is treated better than a male in society, in culture, and in etiquette, but they see us men as cavemen and inferior to them unless we become effeminate as husbands, boyfriends, relationships, friend zones and get cucked, or have to white knight them.

If women were treated the same as men, every single day of work would be a nightmare, get cussed out by your boss and coworkers, in IT you get abused more than a butler by coworkers and management unless you are female and then they take it easy on you all day and let you get away with stuff.

Atlas Shrugged is soft-porn for libertarians like LilDebbie and company. I think it inspired him to make that book.

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Created by tdillo 10 months, 1 week ago
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Created by OrionBlastar 8 hours, 7 minutes ago
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"This is the type of book that makes male eyes bleed."

This is the type of book that makes shit-their-pants-scared girly-men eyes weep


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Created by anonymous 10 months ago
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Find a Thai woman and call her ee dawg. She will like it.

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Created by tdillo 10 months ago
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Will she like it as much as the Thai ladyboys of your acquaintance?

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Created by CBSNEWS 10 months, 1 week ago
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"When she returns to the pigeon house, Robert is gone, having left a goodbye note. Crushed, she decides to kill herself, realizing that she cannot return to her former life with Léonce but is also unwilling to hurt her children personally or socially with the stigma of divorce or open adultery. The next morning she travels alone to Grand Isle, announces that she is going swimming, and drowns herself."

This is the K5 twist to the story. She is like HHD and wants to have it all no matter what society, culture, and etiquette say. She wants her husband, the man she cheats on against her husband, her children, and she has wealth, a mansion, servants, fame, and everything she wants, but she is still not happy. At the end of the book when she faces reality that her selfishness and meanness and sociopathy has driven everyone away from her, she ends up killing herself.

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