Oprah would grab the girls by the pussy and fondle them, to let them know they have been dominated by an alpha female. Naomi Campbell would do the same things with little boys and girls. To the casting coach or the Pizza place for sex trafficking.



There are several sources on this.

Also, Trump only talked about grabbing a woman by the pussy:


Apparently, a Liberal progressive Woman can grab a man by the dick and get away with it. One of the reasons why Robbin Williams killed himself had to do with dark secrets in Hollywood.

If you want to wear black dresses, use #metoo tags, and be against what causes young girls from speaking out about sexual abuse and rape, voting for Oprah is not going to help as most of Hollywood is corrupted for that, and attacked Trump for his hot-mike words, while they actually do it a lot in Hollywood with males and females.

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She is seen here kissing the man who runs the Hollywood child sex slavery trafficking ring, that hundreds of women have accused of rape and sexual assault and abuse.

Here she is offering up a teenage girl to him.


Here is a deleted NBC tweet that shows NBC is in the tank for Oprah, and support her Pimp/Madam role for Hollywood and their Child sex slave trafficking ring.

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She is a professional liar, a pimp, a prostitute, paid money to hide her true past and create some make believe childhood of playing with roaches and eating dirt to survive, while her family claims she was spoiled, stole money and jewelry from relatives, sold her body for money, had lesbian affairs for money, and now runs a child sex ring for Hollywood so she can earn even more money!

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where is this mentioned?

"a Liberal progressive Woman can grab a man by the dick and get away with it"

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She grabbed me by the dick! She had a hot mike when she talked to Oprah in a bus. "These news reporters, when you are rich and powerful, they'll let you do anything. You can grab them by the dick!" then as they came out both Oprah and Hillary grabbed me by the dick and said it was to get even with the Patriarchy. I don't even know what a Patriarchy is?

I feel so ashamed and violated, I tried to file a report, but the cop just laughed at me that I let two old women touch my junk without my permission.

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It is implied that only men can be rapists, sexual abusers, sexual harassers as well. The men who report those about women, are not taken seriously and called gay and other words instead of taking the report.

If a man did this to women:

He'd be arrested.

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Was Joy Behar punished for her many dick grabs of co-stars? Nope, but it was proven she had a habit of doing them.

You have to be a fool to think she was punished for that, she was not!

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