Apparently, we missed out on the next hot Japanese Role Playing Romance Doki Doki Club Anime Waifu Hentai video game?


My nieces are all excited about it, my nephews are too busy playing first-person shooter games.

You can donate $0 and get the Windows or MacOS clients for free, and an extra $10 donation gives you the DLC unlocked in the games.

The Western RPGs were killed by these Japanese RPGs:


Spoiler: Most of the females in that video are young men or boys with dicks, and most of the men are girls or women with vaginas. That is how these video games and movies usually end I am told.

Did we nuke Japan in WWII so in revenge they made this Henti/Anime stuff?

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Created by MiniTrue 1 year ago
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This is marketed towards the millennials that got hooked on Japanese culture from video games they played on the Nintendo SNES and Gameboy as they grew up.

If you are easily offended or mentally ill, don't use it. They always use a high school setting because it was an awkward time for them and their autism.

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Created by Ouroboros 1 year ago
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A Game designed both FOR you as well as ABOUT you.

I'm sure you will enjoy many hours of INTENSE, HARDCORE Role-PLAY ACTION

A game where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads.
Are you ready?
Hi Ready! I'm Dad!
LOL Those dad jokes NEVER get old!
Launched earlier in July, Dream Daddy is currently holding the top spot on Steam.

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