Outing Trump for being mentally ill and etc not only violates ADA, but also violates the HIPPA laws!

When some troll was using donaldtrump on Twitter he had to use realdonaldtrump instead. But is the original donaldtrump his account that he abandoned?

I can see Trump having schizoaffective order, and going through mostly manic cycles. I've never seen him depressed and when he is I assume he plays golf until he is manic again?

Delusional, hallucinations, yeah he sees every undocumented immigrant as a Mexican Gang Banger or Islamic Radical Terrorist or even migrants who only come here to spread their religion, and rape women so they can have more babies and thus spread their DNA and heritage and culture. You do know that is how every nation did war by immigrating to the enemy's nation, living there, etc?

Oh yeah, that big red shiny button?


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Created by Mike_Crawford 1 year ago
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It's only a HIPAA violation if he was outed by a medical or mental health professional.

I don't think the ADA covers elections. Rather it covers housing, employment and public accomodations.

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Created by United_Fools 1 year ago
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So Trump is an average American (fool) trolling on the Internet every day, no problem!

But how did he become the President? a cry baby on the Internet, TV, and (or but) running the country!

Don't you think that is the problem? That may get millions of people killed in America (if he starts a nuclear war) or cause the total collapse of the country (if he starts a civil war or just destroys the American political system)? Don't you think that is a problem? Even if you hate Obama for making you lose your health insurance or such, in Alabama or Saint Louis or somewhere? Millions of lives or the fall of America, to you or anyone in what calls his base by Trump, these don't matter? Just the traditional white men can rule America again, for four years or whatever, and then the fall of the country, you don't care?

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Created by tdillo 1 year ago
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Freaking out about it won't do any good either. The country isn't going to fall because of Trump. He is just one dude who is burning through political capital like Elon burns through cash. He has a number of sober, sane and extremely savvy Republicans proudly supporting him. Based on the complete contempt shown for the electorate by Ajit Pai and his merry band of CyberSappers along with the HUGE wealth redistribution they called a Tax Reform Bill, Republicans intend to strip, sell off and liquidate America. At the same time they will dismantle and delegitimize the Government to the point it won't have the capability to either defend itself nor, more importantly, apprehend and prosecute the vandals. It was a good run but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and for most fools a couple hours of disinterested attention is the most they can manage. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.

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