I got a secret, I am absolutely pissing myself laughing!

Liberal Progressive Democrats stand for nothing except trying to get Trump impeached.

Get this shit! They think if they can get him impeached that Hillary Clinton will be President!

Do you know how insane that is? She's not the Vice Present or even House Leader or whatever.

I mean shit, Hillary Clinton had no original ideas, she made all the same promises that Barack Obama made, and Obama never kept any of them! She has no idea how to fix the economy and thinks if she taxes the 1% (Who use lobbyists to fund her campaign) that everything will magically fix itself under Commufemminism!

Just take all white straight males, accuse them of rape and sexual harassment with no proof, make them resign by attacking them on social networks, make a shit ton of fake news about Trump and his administration, etc.

Damn son, I thought during the election she claimed she would not attack Trump if he won, and already she and others broke that a million times.

Also why is giving the OK sign now considered to be the "FUCK YOU NAZI WHITE NATIONALIST RACIST" signal?

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Created by OrionBlastar 1 year ago
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Shhh you are giving away trade secrets of the Liberal Progressive Democrats! They ran out of ideas during the Bill Clinton terms and went to borrow stuff from the Conservatives like cut funding to welfare/social security programs, etc that Trump is being accused of now.

Do Nothing Democrats they call them. None of their shit works, they are highly retarded, always break election promises, do the same thing as Conservatives when they get into office, but accuse Conservatives of the same things they themselves do.

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