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Created by Mike_Crawford 1 year ago
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Windows Update doesn't work on my Acer anymore. It says something about checking for available updates and then never stops checking.

This is a very common problem. There are some suggested solutions but none of them worked for me.

I don't really use my Acer much anymore. Mostly I use my Mac mini. I'm planning to buy a used MacBook Pro when I get my next check. That will still have the security hole but at least Apple's updates actually work.

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Created by OrionBlastar 1 year ago
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My Acer has an AMD CPU but I got plans to reformat it anyway. It is only 1.5Ghz and Dual Core but I won it in a church raffle in 2009 or so and it runs Linux faster than it runs Windows. But for tax season I need Windows 7 or 10 to run Turbo Tax and other stuff to file my taxes.

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