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Are you a man who isn't a real man because someone assumed your gender?

Do you find yourself turning non-binary non-cis non-male and are totally confused why you have gay or girly thoughts?


Motherfucking Corn Syrup and other Corn shit in our foods!

Corn Syrup in our sodas, they quit using Cane Sugar and use Corn instead!

Corn is loaded with estrogen so it can make cows give more milk. It can also turn boys into girls or transgender girls.

Iran still uses cane sugar and not corn syrup and neither does Mexico, etc but in the USA they spray estrogen shit all over our food!

Are you a man with bitch tits or girly tits?

Get this, I am not fucking laughing, too much estrogen in a man will cause him to gain a shitton of weight/fat! Because this will kill you literally, too much corn shit has way too many fucking side-effects leading to diabetes, mental illnesses, memory loss, thinking capacity, and grown hormones meant to get steers and cows growing bigger for more meat, and as you eat beef so do you also grow!

It ain't the Maize that Native-Americans grew, this is GMO Monsanto shit laced with Agent Orange and other chemical shit!

Sure stuff your face with a big tun pf popcorn, and an extra large Pepsi full of corn syrup and watch those movies that make fun of the white straight male via GHostbusters reboots and shit, and just gain 300 to 500 pounds over the past three decades.

How do you lose the weight and get your manhood back? Simple, stop eating shit with corn or corn fillers in it. Stop drinking drinks with corn syrup in them!

Fuck Pepsi, fuck Coke, drink water! Fucking Starbucks makes money off man-cows who become transgender women and non-binary non-cis shemales or whatever.

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coca cola is flavored with coca leaf extract and kola nut.


I heard there's more flower extract in coca-cola than pepsi-cola.

I like the conspiracy theory that the coca cola company came up with "Coke 2", which they knew was no replacement for Coca-Cola, because they wanted to switch from sugar to high fructose corn syrup.

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what is these girly man take Viagra?

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we meant:

what if these girly men take Viagra?

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You and Crawford need to heed Maddox's advice:

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