NPRNEWS is a failfuck that forgot to register his nick and post this.

United Fools, you can now carry a gun to any state you want and keep it concealed and not get arrested.

You got your pistol packing momas, and your rooting tooting cowboys carrying more guns across state lines. They can operate like the old Wild Wild West, and say "Dance Varmet!" and shoot at people's feet!

I bet Blastards got his own bag of guns from that Falling Down guy:

This is how he deals with Immigrants:

This is how he got Fast Food places to serve breakfast 24/7:

The guy in Falling Down is like Blastard or Crawfuck or Traney loses his job because he has a mental breakdown, encounters people that want to hurt or control him the ignorant motherfuckers of the world. All he wants to do is go home, but he is now homeless and so he goes on a Crawfordian journey.

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Created by United_Fools 1 year ago
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We told our fools not to carry guns... too dangerous for us to handle

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Created by TheRiddler 1 year ago
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This is OP and his friends:


Rooting Tooting Cowboys eat moar beans!

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Created by Mike_Crawford 1 year ago
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"Dance Varmint"


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