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This is what the right really wants to realize

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God's plan was rejected in the 1950s, when the Democrats became Communists, Anarchists, Atheists, Secular Humanists, and quit believing in God and removed God from public schools and public places. They banned and censored God. Then Satanists came out to get their religion out there, and Liberal Democrats banned and censored them! When both a Christian and Satanist monuments were put in public places, Liberals removed both of them.

Ask the Wiccans and modern-day Vikings why the Liberal Democrats don't even recognize their religions.

The left has had a war on religions and religious stuff, banning it and censoring it. Making groups like the Christians and Santanists to join forces to fight them.

The war against religion has gone on for 67 years now, and it has turned the Right-Wing Christianity into worshipping Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Son, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence. This is prosperity religion in which one learns how to make as much money as they can.

Libertarians now enter the debate with a Bitcoin-based religion.

Liberal Progressives got their Al Fraken and his sexual abuse. sexual harassment and rape caught on tape and photographs, but he refuses to step down, everyone else accused with no tape, photographs or any evidence are being told to step down. Donald Trump said, "Grab her by the pussy, she'll let you do anything." So Right-Wing Republican Prosperity Christianity is all about grabbing as many pussies as you can and earn as much money as you can as a high stakes gambling realtor gangsta!

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Al Franken resigned.

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"removed God from public schools"

I expect that's because Jewish students didn't want to pray to Jesus.

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Nobody was forced to pray, if they didn't want to pray they could take 15 to 30 minutes of quiet time to do what they want to do.

It is sort of like taking DAP out of public schools, it too was something that would help students.



I'm seeing that after they dropped DAP and Religion and Civics and Home Economics, and adapted to new systems like Common Core that we get students who graduate who don't know logic, reason, or critical thinking, they don't know their rights, liberties, and freedoms or even how the law works, and they get joke jobs because they can't even make change for a 10 or 20 when a person orders a hamburger for $6 plus tax.

Besides most of them become snowflakes, and others become communists:


Besides, the public schools teach them how to feel but not how to think or tell the difference between feeling and thinking.

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William Murray, 34, had been his mother’s obedient servant for much of his life: as plaintiff of record in her 1963 Supreme Court case, which helped to outlaw prayer in public schools

Why does everyone blame Jewish people for everything? Even Jewish people lost their rights to pray in public schools as well as all religions in the USA that pray.

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