Is this yet another CSO hired for being a Music Major? Was the default password for the admin account "admin" or "password" this time?

They ought to make it a crime when executives and management makes a weak security that hackers can easily break into because a bad password policy is like using an easy to break or pick the lock.

Remember how almost every shooter who leaves behind an iPhone that the FBI wants Apple to make tools to crack into it?


Tools Apple made for the NSA/FBI have been hacked and leaked to the public so hackers can now hack more accounts!

And Apple had the blank root password, fixed it, and then made an update that put the bug back in?



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The hackers will need to know my social security number: 518-92-8663.


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Created by anonymous 1 year ago
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Blastar, your k666 is giving 500 server error again...


anybody interested in joining effort at re-searching CryptoNite hash algorithm for 'newbie' crypto-currencies?

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