https://badmodems.com was posted on hn earlier this week. This site is about how cable modems with Intel's Puma 6/7 chips are defective.

I've been dealing with a problematic cable modem for a year - a Netgear N300 WiFi Cable Modem/Router. It worked fine, most the time, but pages would randomly time out. After 30 seconds or a minute 'reload' would effectively retrieve the desired webpage. The experience was annoying. After visiting badmodems I looked to see if my netgear has a puma chip, but it did not. This is the list of 'bad modems': http://badmodems.com/Forum/app.php/badmodems

Fry's electronics has an Arris SB6183 modem on sale this week for $52.99. This is supported by my ISP, and is a modem-only. I had an return credit that brought my out-of-pocket cost down to about $30. I figure I can sell my netgear for $30... After 4 months someone renting a modem would be saving money.

I still needed a router... Eventually I decided on pfsense.com (freebsd). Found a USB wireless adapter... no mention of it in dmesg. Next I found a 10yo PCI wireless adapter - 802.11n draft. This caused a 'kernel panic' (iirc) during boot. Hrmph. I'm going to have to figure something out for wireless. I have an AppleTV 1st gen that might work. It has ethernet & wifi & osmc (debian/Kodi iirc).

linux probably has better support for my old wifi adapters... maybe http://www.ipcop.org/. But pfsense is 'working' so I'm not inclined to replace it without a good reason.

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http://badmodems.com - the secure site goes somewhere else.

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