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I was paid with a wire transfer from my client's Chinese subsidiary. I'm paid by China for some manner of tax reason.

For the last week and a half I've been glued to my online banking. My concern was that my website promises Net 30 payment terms. That means that they could have waited an entire month to pay me. Small companies are heavily into Net 30 because they commonly pay all their vendors just once a month. My client's accountant only works one day per month - she comes in, does their books then cuts all their vendor checks.

Had they really waited thirty days I would have been shit out of luck. This because I ate my last banana for breakfast this morning, with no hope to buy another bunch unless this wire arrived But Quick.

It is impolite to brag about one's pay but I will tell you I bought $1000 of Etherium this afternoon. This evening on my way home I stopped by the Portland Rescue Mission to cut them a thousand dollar check.

"Buy yourself something nice," I said to the lady at the front desk.

They were quite stoked. I told them that I used to be a regular there, and that the chances were pretty good that I will be again someday because - as I told them - sometimes my medicine stops working.

I'm going to spend tomorrow afternoon and evening at Hawk PDX. It's a gay bathhouse. I don't always go there so I can meet men who really do believe it is better to give than to receive. I used to rent a locker, take a long hot shower, put my clothes back on then - because it is 24/7 - I'd stay up all night hacking on Warp Life.

One of the managers told me that he would ask his teenage son to beta test for me.

Most of the men there aren't strictly gay. I asked around once and to a man they all said they prefer straight pr0n - i.e. naked ladies - to gay porn.

But tomorrow I won't be writing code.

That is, if you catch my drift.

A week from now I'm going to go to a straight swing club. Such clubs commonly do not admit single men, but this one does.

When I met Trixie she asked me if I was "a swinger-zinger". She was quite stoked when I told her that I was. For a time I had the hope of saving money with the couple's admission, as well as getting to attend private house parties, but no she went off to be with some other guy who abuses her.

The last time I saw Trixie was Christmas Eve a while back, when she and I did it like crazed weasels until four in the morning in a private video room at Portland's Mr. Peep's.

Oh you I completely forgot - sometimes I have a brain like a squid:

Over the next little while I'm going to visit every pr0n shop in town then purchase all of their Classic or Golden Age of Porn DVDs.

I have the hope of the Golden Age getting released on Blu-ray but so far I have been out of luck.

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Oh, no... the Chinese Commie now has got the control over MDC?

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Funny you should say that:

I'm cooking rice for supper.

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I'm paid by China... hmmmm, normally not an issue. Current state of American Hyperxenophobia problematic perhaps?
Recently made business acquaintance with a guy, learned later he's bi and he & his spouse are swingers. Told him I don't judge. Still he constantly hits on me. I say I'm flattered but not interested. Recently at a sales meeting there was a complication so everything was put on hold til the accountants could get it sorted. Guy says, 'It's late, why don't you come over and we can have sex.' I said, 'Look, I like you, you're smart, we work well together, but I really do not want to have sex with you.' He says, 'What are you a homophobe?' I said, 'No, it's not that. I just like women period. I have a girlfriend and I just am not into guys.' He says, 'Ok then, fair enough. But at least come home with me and let me suck your cock.' I said, 'You don't understand, I'm not into that.' He says, 'What, you don't like blow jobs?' I say, 'Well yeah, I like blowjobs, but from girls. I don't care for getting a hummer from a man.' He says, 'How do you know?' I said, 'Look, I'm flattered that you're attracted to me but this ain't happening and I'm tired of discussing it with you.' He says, 'You don't even want a free blow job?' I said, 'No.' He looks thoughtful for a minute then he says, 'Man you must not like fucking very much.' I had to think about that. I thought to myself, ' Hey, I like fucking. I like fucking a lot. ' But then I thought about it some more and yeah, I suppose I don't like fucking as much as I thought. In fact I'm pretty picky when it comes to fucking. And I suppose I am a homophobe because I'm not even the least bit curious. But you go ahead with that Mike. I still don't judge.

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Gey secks detected!

Gey hookups detected!

Ok is bisexual non-binary non-cis

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