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We say, do this in front of live TV and broadcast to the whole nation in real time!

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Created by IWETHEY 9 months ago
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Trump is like a bit piece of shit that Blastard made due to his poisoned colon. It fills up the toilet bowl and won't flush. So he has to grab toilet paper and smush it into smaller pieces and hope he doesn't get shit on his hands. Only he did get shit on his hands and caused an overflow of the toilet. Now his ass is like a shit marker and he can't wipe it enough to get clean because they don't have that Bear Family TP that is absorbent and shit gets everywhere and smells very bad. Then the shit water keeps running and going to the basement where Mexico is getting tired of his shit. Canada is above him and kicking on the floor to tell him to stop doing that shit.

But Blastard keeps shitting, turds everywhere, on your coffee table, on the floor, in the refrigerator, in the punch bowl, and then blames it on Mexico, Canada, China, etc.

The USA and UK have invaded 98% of the world, and then get mad over immigration? Labor needs to migrate to where the capital is! Just not where the shit is!

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Created by anonymous 8 months, 3 weeks ago
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Ren and Stimpy on Nickelodeon predicted Trump in the 1990s:


<embed height="360" width="560" src="&lt;a href=" https:="" <a="" href="http://youtube.com" rel="nofollow">youtube.com="" embed="" FT4YbO_1mvA"="" rel="nofollow">https://youtube.com/embed/FT4YbO_1mvA"/>

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Created by Unqualified 9 months, 1 week ago
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During the campaign he said he doesn't have to consult generals because he has "a very good brain" and told a rally in South Carolina that he was highly educated and has "the best words".

Oh my sides

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Created by MSNBC 9 months, 1 week ago
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Trump was a Junior ROTC member in his military academy, he became a five star general and lead the parades with his robe, wand, and wizard hat!

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 1 week ago
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Trump took an IQ test before and let me tell ya it was amazing! He scored over 9000, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson only scored 200 and Albert Einstien only scored 160 and at age 5 Blastard scored 189, so Trump is smarter than all of them other fools!

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