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Back in the old days, they had Teddy Ruxpin who took a cassette tape and told the children stories. If they stuck in an Ozzy Osborne tape, the Teddy Bear would go crazy.

We were told that the Internet of Things would be the next big thing, your toaster can talk to your refrigerator and tell it to buy more bread and then it updates your shopping list on your smart phone.

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Until some IT Security Expert like Gilfoyle finds a way to hack into it!

OK it was just a harmless prank, until all of the other smart fridges took the maleware as an update!

Most of these smart devices use a version of Windows 10 for ARM or something without even a virus scanner!

Which is fine, until some Pedo Hacker exploits the IoT Toys with spyware to spy on children and even communicate with them!

"Hello Suzie this is Rainbow Brite. Take all of your mother's and father's credit cards and green money and send it to Ranbow Bright PO Box 1234 Dallas, Texas, and then you can get your own free unicorn just for you!"

Ah shit, Mommy and Daddy left Rainbow Brite in their bedroom and some hacker now has some new pron to upload and make money off of.

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I can't remember, but there was some TV personality whose employer was unenthusiastic about him telling the kids to take all the cash out of their father's wallet and mothers purse then send it to him.

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This guy did it in a Crazy Magazine made by Marvel to compete with DC's Mad Magazine:


He's been homeless, and doesn't shower or bathe, but is desperate need of money and gigs. He had a children's show where he did that, asked them to take their parent's money and mail it to him, and I think it got him fired and blacklisted as a clown.

Other clown shows copied that with their own clown.

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