The answers to this question are all too long and too wordy, clearly written by people with a lot of brain matter. That's all fine and dandy, but they are not easy to understand.

Can someone restate the answers in simple sentences? Honestly, please!

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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It does not make sense to hire smart people, and then have them follow stupid rules.
Published on Published onSeptember 15, 2017
Oleg Vishnepolsky
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My employee resigned.

I just started as a manager in a new company and this was a shock to me.

I asked why.

He said he feels stifled, unappreciated, without a career path, and most of all, has been taking tasks that nobody else was willing to take.

I looked deeper, his previous manager took all the interesting work, and let routine tasks to be dealt by his employees. But then his best people started to quit, and at some point, he stopped being effective. So he left too.

This employee was one the last of the best people remaining.

The best people always suffer the worst from bad leadership.

It took me an enormous effort to convince him to give me a chance.

It was even harder effort to rebuild the team and to earn their trust.

To manage smart people, you do NOT need to be smarter than they are.

You need to give them a chance to grow, opportunities to shine, and appreciation.

Great quote by Gary Vaynerchuk:

"A great leader is a great listener. A great manager is a great mentor. I empower my employees to think they can win!"

I myself resigned once.

A new boss arrived and told us he will have an 8:30am meeting every day. He wanted to show the CEO how hard driving he is. There was no other reason to have that daily meeting.

I came to him and said that I put my daughter on the school bus every am and can't he please move the meeting to 9am

His response was - don't your kids have a mother ?

That response sealed it for me.

I gave him my notice before I had another job lined up.

Do you agree that stupid rules kill morale ?

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Created by MiniTrue 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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Oh it is quite simple, it takes a lot of intelligence to make up a lie, you have to remember what you said and always answer with that lie.

A friend of mine was trying to impress a girl over the phone so he said he worked for the CIA and his name was Nick Fury, he had borrowed this story from a Marvel Comic, he asked me to talk to her and I said Sure (His Real Name) instead of Nick Fury, not thinking that he was trying to tell her a lie. A lot of guys do that, and can't pull it off. I guess I was to be one of the other CIA/SHIELD Agents or something and he didn't give me my background story to cover his so I accidentally used his real name by mistake.

Now I can tell you that people would rather hear a comfortable lie than the unpleasant truth. For example Winston Churchill had an IQ of about 160 at most, 130 at least. If he told people how intelligent he was and how high he had scored on the college and Calvary tests he took, they would not like him and call him a jerk for bragging. So instead he claimed the exams for the Calvary were lower scores required than for infantry. He claimed he scored at the lowest of the lowest tests. He lied to make stupid people like you feel better about themselves that he is a fellow fool. He was an alcoholic as well, and one day he got into a fight with HHD's grandmother in which she said to him "You're drunk!" in which case he replied "You're ugly!" telling the truth. So she got mad at him and said "Well I never!" in which Churchill replied "Madam I'm drunk and tomorrow I'll be sober, but tomorrow you'll still be ugly!" When he told the truth to people they didn't like him, so he had to make stuff up in comfortable lies. Before WWII he had the same opinions on black people and Jewish people as Hitler, but during WWII he had to lie and say he did not.

He could have simply lied to HHD's grandmother and said "You are right madam, I'm drunk and you are a beautiful woman, and very smart as well." Which would be a complete and total lie. That is the way politics goes, you tell comfortable lies to people to get them to vote for you. The smarter you are, the better they believe your lies. Hillary Clinton is a fool like you, so her lies are easy to spot because she contradicts herself for example in Wyoming she said she'd raise taxes on the middle class, and in Illinois she said she'd cut taxes on the middle class. Over Benghazi she first said it was due to a Youtube video and then later claimed terrorists had planned it months in advance on the anniversary of 911. So you can see how a stupid or foolish person won't be able to lie as well as a smart person.

This new CBS series, Star Trek Discovery, is another Star Trek reboot. The Federation is the USA and having a melting pot of races and cultures come together in peace and unity. The Klingons got rebooted as well, in black face, with more ridges on their head and body, and based on BLM Black Supremacist Ideas of being one race, one culture, and not blend in with the rest of the cultures because they are weak and racist. Michael Burnham is the black girl raised by Vulcans who learns Logic and the Vulcan nerve pinch, etc. She represents the women who are half black and half white and trying to find a place in the USA even if the other black people are tearing it apart. She will in three episodes meet the Captain of the USS Discovery which will be representing Trump and MAGA or MTFGA (Make The Federation Great Again) in which a whole diverse crew will be finding ways to beat the Klingons and make The Federation great again!



It is a good show if you are a fool or stupid, you get to see that Klingons lie as do Federation Officers. When they do people tend to die a lot. Michael Burham tells the truth about her crimes and gets sentenced to prison, only to find that she's been drafted to the USS Discovery later and that she's been lied to by Star Fleet.

Oh yeah TV shows, Movies, Books, they are all made of lies and story tellers are also called lie smiths. Stephen King is the best lie smith of all! His IQ is 255!

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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Simple sentences they said and you walk in, ignore the Post Title, exhibit epic failure in reading comprehension, and proceed to spray, in the manner of explosive diarrhea the semi-coherent half-formed thought-scat and brainfarts freshly squeezed from your anal sphincter upon the virtual page.

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Created by OrionBlastar 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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The other way:


Remember Texas, Remember the Alamo, remember TDillo!

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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So one's intelligence has as much to do with honesty as it has to do with the penis length.

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Created by OrionBlastar 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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I can see you are not getting this until it is put into cartoon format like so:

<embed height="360" width="560" src="&lt;a href=" https:="" <a="" href="http://youtube.com" rel="nofollow">youtube.com="" embed="" BHzypHJUMMo"="" rel="nofollow">https://youtube.com/embed/BHzypHJUMMo"/>

People lie all of the time at work to avoid upsetting their bosses. In this case, a project manager had to tell Homer's kids the opposite of what he told Homer's brother.

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Created by OrionBlastar 9 months, 3 weeks ago
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Yeah because fools and stupid people think they are honest but don't know what the heck they are talking about.

I gotta go, someone else is posting a wrong answer on the Internet! I have to correct them and make fun of their low IQ and small penis size.

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