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While I look at the sorry shit state of artificial intelligence in 2017, I see The Singularity did not happen as predicted.

I worked on a project to use words as a form of Mindpixel for AI to learn and develop human qualities.

I see sorry shit stuff like brute force in IBM's Deep Blue or Watson AI instead of thinking like a human being. If the AI can't go by patterns or books in Chess, it is really stupid.

I see the AI has no emotions, no conscience, no soul, no way to even understand concepts like age, race, gender, etc, it has no 'Mind' that I was trying to give it. Sure it has a brain, but the brain is hardware and software, it does not have a mind that can understand concepts that even a 3 year old child knows.

Instead of a human AI, we got a retarded monkey that eats his own poop and throws it at others.

What is most shocking is the way people have changed, expecting the AI to be some Genie that grants wishes. The AI can't even pass Super Mario Brothers because it doesn't know the other button makes Mario run and then the jump button allows him to jump farther as he runs. Since the AI can't figure that stuff out it is still a poop throwing monkey.

How in the world did Trump win, and how did Clinton not win? Are people getting dumber as well? Is this a dumbing down of the USA or even the world? How can people become so stupid? Even Republicans are fighting Republicans, and Democrats are fighting Democrats, in some stupid political civil war?!

People stop doing this stuff, I can't sleep as I roll in my grave so fast it wakes me up as a zombie!

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Created by United_Fools 9 months, 1 week ago
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Good observation! Stupidity rules! United Fools!

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 1 week ago
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Please stop insulting poop-throwing monkeys. Monkeys throw poop because they are intelligent enough to hate. We have never built a machine even that smart, which leaves even Donald Trump smarter than the best AI we have ever built. Shameful!

I believe the key to AI will turn out to be a relatively simple algorithm which we just haven't figured out. Consciousness is almost universal, even in very simple animals such as nonsocial insects. Our machines are almost certainly capable of emulating it now but we don't have the software. Consider a machine with even the awareness of a wasp compared to any robot we've ever built. A Bee-Eating Wasp has situational awareness that no robot has ever been given, with like half a million neurons. We could simulate that on my fucking tablet if we knew how.

When we finally figure it out, it will change everything. Maybe not for the better. But not possibly for the worse.

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