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Blastar would not be surprised that liberals try to nullify Trump's presidential win. Blastar always said so.

but the fact is that the liberals, despite trying, are not in a position to achieve that.

So how can Blastar explain what Steve Bannon is saying, that someone at war with liberals else is also trying to do that?

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I've said this many times, and I'll keep on saying it until you people remember it. Trump is not a Conservative like Jeb Bush, etc. Trump is a Populist and a Nationalist, he was when he was a Democrat and Liberals loved him for a while until they turned on him and he joined the Republicans instead.

Trump is also a troll and he trolled the Democrats and Mainstream Media until they started to make fake stories and other shit up about him, and buy out the fact-checking websites to approve their hit jobs on Trump, etc. Most of the USA hates the Mainstream Media because all it does is bullshit 24/7, it tries to make a race war between people by calling people racists who are not.

I mean when Clinton and Obama said and did the same things as Trump they were not called racists:

Instead of accepting her mistakes and blunders, the list of people Hillary blames for her loss just keeps going up:

I figure she forgot to leave a bowl of Milk and Lucky Charms for the Leprecant guy to give her good luck one night, and he hexed her to lose instead. It sure makes more sense than her nonsense:

Donald J. Trump was now evolved into Trumpzilla according to the Conservatives, and Conservative Kong must fight him to erase his victory in 2016. I figure they got a Tardis or other time machine to go back in 2016 to warn us. "Watch out for that Trump guy, he's a bad egg like Hitler, going to ruin the USA and rip it to shreds."

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