I Swear I'm Not Making This Up:

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I stumbled across that while coding Blizzard's listing in my Austin page for the Global Computer Employer Index.

I call it "Computer Jobs" rather than "Software Jobs" because I'm - trying to anyway - listing hardware employers. I haven't covered Intel yet, but I will.

There are about as many hardware engineers as software engineers, but I must not be looking in the right places yet.

In other news, Soggy Wizards is going to hire its first employee in two or three weeks. She doesn't know it yet but I've already chosen who I'll hire. She used to be homeless but is now in the same kind of housing as I am. Her job title will be "Web Designer" but for the short term I"ll be having her fill in missing index.html's where there are presently only Apache index pages.

Del was giving me all manner of grief for not using a database. I repeatedly protested that a database wouldn't help, not in the way he suggested. But I've worked out in my head how to automate much of the searching. For example, many software company names end in "ly" or "fy", are based on one or more English words but themselves are not found in /usr/share/dict/words.

That's right folks: I'm going to create a web bot. I'm going to call her Soggy Bot.

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