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NAZIS vs. AntiFA, came in from several different states.

Ironic that both groups quote Hitler and are against capitalism.

Did anyone remember that NAZI stood for National Socialism? Did anyone remember that it starts out on the left, trying to get rid of capitalism by staging fires and other stuff and blaming it on their political enemies?

I guess they saw Jewish people as capitalists? AntiFA and the NAZIS both made anti-Jewish remarks and anti-Christian remarks as well.

We are all human beings, who have civil rights and equality.

The reason why I stood up to feminists and social justice warriors was that they did not want equality or civil rights, they wanted to trash or tear down white straight males, using the same arguments the Nazis used against the Jewish people in Germany in 1933.

No matter who wins in that civil war 2.0 we all lose.

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 1 week ago
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white straight male is oblivious to many other people's pet peeves. no?

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Created by OrionBlastar 9 months, 1 week ago
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No, white straight males are trying to help others succeed by building apps and web apps to make their jobs easier to do. The computer does most of the work for everyone else and all they have to do is push buttons.

The future The Jetson's predicted came true. All they do is press buttons to earn a paycheck.

A lot of this racism and sexism stuff is made up, we don't care who presses the buttons or whatever, it is open to everyone.

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 1 week ago
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behind every white straight male is a whiter straight yo mama female... steeped with 'traditional' values... for batter or for verse...

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