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will they still love Trump when the sea level rise threatens their beaches?

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Created by Mike_Crawford 9 months, 2 weeks ago
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I don't know. Maybe he's good in bed? He must be to score with a nude model.

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 2 weeks ago
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Don't matter how tiny his dick is so long as his wallet is thick.

It's not how good she thinks he is but how good she thinks his credit is.

Plus she's foreign with english a second language. You can forgive her confusion when told Trump had erected many big things, so big, just the biggest ever.

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Created by anonymous 9 months, 2 weeks ago
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Well see it's not politically correct but the fact is West Virginians that love Trump are just plain stupid. They're good hearted people. Salt of the Earth. And generous to a fault. But they don't generally put much stock into book learnin'. And they're more into physical activities like fighting, fucking, and getting fucked up on moonshine, meth, shrooms, and whatever is in that jar under momma's sink. So they don't get much TV and less Internet so most of their 'news' has been filtered second-hand like a game of telephone.

And Trump speaks their language. Literally. Anybody can look at those transcrips, read the man's tweets or listen to his speeches and know that ol Donny ain't the sharpest axe in the woodshed. Like West Virginians he declares to all his fear of the Lord yet as we know the flesh is weak. Sure he may have grabbed aholt of a pussy or two but dammit at least we know he ain't a queer boy. He pays special attention to his daughter just like any West Virginia dad would. Watching his lil rosebud blossom into womanhood. And nobody minds a florists getting a good whiff of his own flowers, softly licking the drops of dew off her petals.

And they overlook that he comes from New York and lying is like breathing so they believe it all. From telling them they're going to get their jobs back or he has a better plan than that Obamadontcare and won't but a few people die leaving their kin broke and homeless.

And now they think that Media and the Left are in cahoots to deligitimize his presidency. Pitchforks and Torches? Hot-diggity dog! And their is the fact that hey, he looks like he could be THE Messiah. They see him with that GOLDEN mane and his BRONZED skin living in a TOWER with all his beautiful family and he gives all his kids jobs and his wife acting all proper by staying home and keeping her damn mouth shut watching little Barron.

What's NOT to Love?

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