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by placing a fool on the throne, Putin has achieved what the KGB long dreamed of:

The US federal government has become a group of warring factions, swirling around a chaotic White House. By design, there is always friction between Congress, the White House, and the Department of Justice, but the current situation is unprecedented. In recent days it’s been called an “existential crisis” that raises questions about Trump’s legitimacy, a governing coalition at the “risk of unraveling,” and a threat to global stability.

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Interesting, but that's not the whole story. I mean you really have to hand it to these people. It's absolutely Lovecraftian. The most faithful, the most devout, these are the ones rewarded by being eaten first. McConnell, this turtlehead put it ALL on the LINE time and time again. This was a fo'realz ride or die nigga. He don't take a god DAMN thing off the hands of a BLUE. RED4LYFE! Yo. I mean the man looked the nation in the eye and said he knew the Constitution granted Obama the right to choose the Supreme Court Justice but that he didn't give a fuck, he was going to hold that seat come hell or high water til a suitable President took office. Whatever one might think of Obama that was his right under the fucking LAW OF THE LAND. That is what the Constitution is, the very foundation of our government and our society. And he stared everybody, not just Hildogs and Bern victims, every body down. And that alone, the confirmation of Gorsuch, is the single jewel in the current administrations crown. And this damn bill. I mean this guy kept going when lesser men would have given up. They pushed the envelope so hard that they created a legislative worm hole into another dimension. At one point they took a vote on voting and then had a vote where no one even knew what exactly was being voted on. But when all is said and done the blame for non passage really rests with the CBO. They were working under reconciliation to prevent a BLUE TEAM filibuster which has some restrictions, one of which is the shit has to be scored. So even with all the Repeal Replace sloganeering what people HEARD was the CBO saying oh this one kills 30 million and this one kills 23 million and this one here only kills 16 million. I know they didn't actually say it would kill people. Just that was the number of people going to lose their insurance. But the narrative was definitely the REDS intended to fuck you over so hard and while they break it off up in ya they're going to make it RAIN like a mother fucker on their Masonic Uber Rich Elite Illuminati God Kings. "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!" So it was DOA, no actually the fucker was stillborn. OK, let's be honest. McCain performed an abortion on Mitch and delivered not the expected hell spawn but a dessicated corpse. They even gave it a name, Bill 'Skinny' Repeal.

And you are well aware the Dark Lord does not tolerate failure.

The Tweet Heard Round The World.

The whole fucking planet was blindsided by that poop tweet. We were so knocked off guard that we forgot hey Twitter posts are not law. And there was absolutely no direction given, or follow up from the Whitehouse Water Closet so we all rolled over and went back to sleep. I hear there is actually some method behind the madness but regardless it failed to mollify the mob circling the wagons around The Most Distinguished and Honorable Attorney General of these United States, former Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third of the Fine State of Alabama who vowed there would be HELL TO PAY if even a single alabaster hair atop his pate were to suffer.

And Mueller at this point, well he is well protected. Ironically more from the ongoing massacre occuring at Mar-a-Lago 1600 than any paper shield cobbled up by this bunch of amateurs. I mean they can't even repeal legislation they've been practicing on for SEVEN years. What a load of Lusers.

And the Big Guy? He don't give a shit. Seriously he hears shit and reads shit and then just strings words together. He has no plan. He has no vision. He don't even have a clue whats going on. Obviously. Oh big investigation into ties with Russia? Well then I never met any Russians.
What about this meeting? Oh those weren't Russians, they were Russians? Really? Well they didn't look like Russians. Should I have asked for ID?
What about when they introduced themseleves as Russians. That didn't clue you in? I wasn't paying any attention I was trying to get up closer and maybe grab me some of that pussy.
And how many attended the meeting? Oh it was just a couple of people. One or two, maybe uh like four or so uh possibly eight, yeah definitely no more than eight. Just a small little get together have a nice little chat about uh . . . ADOPTING POOR LITTLE ORPHANS . . . that's the ticket!

Oh yeah, Tman wasn't involved in that, yeah hands clean, except oh look did he make up the story for Junior? What? Oh man, I have to admit T-rex has some balls. No brains but great big bouncing balls. He don't give a fuck. All he knows is he won the election. And apparently in his mind the election was some kind of game show and America is the prize. And now that he's running things he wants it to be like a cage match. He has every body up there swinging ladders and throwing people out of the ring into tables.

Oh I gotta run, a black helicopter just parked on the lawn. Let me go see what they want. Be right back.

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are you still there?

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File not found. Abort, Retry, Fail, Panic?

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lp0 printer on fire

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