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Just kidding - actually I bought an iPhone 7.

I'm at the Portland airport. A sign posted at security said "The Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed aboard any aircraft".

Samsung worked hard on that phone. Please don't make Samsung sad!

I had to get out of bed at three in the morning. To my great surprise I got up before my alarm was due to right. I don't understand why I do that sometimes, given that so often I stay in bed for the entire day.

I bought the iPhone so I could demo Warp Life at my job interview. But the source code is on my MacBook Pro, which is dead as a doornail. I'm pretty sure the flash drive still works, so I ordered an enclosure from Wiebetech and the required tools from iFixit.

The enclosure arrived two days later but I still don't have the tools. I thought I might have placed some backups on my Xeon box, but I didn't want to go groping around its filesystem. It's an awful mess. Usually I keep my filesystems neat and tidy but the Xeon box's filesystem looks like a bomb went off.

Oh I shouldn't say "bomb" at the airport! Here come the jackbooted thugs. Well mates, I'm glad I knew ya.

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