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I would have preferred the 7 Plus due to its greater bells and whistles, but it is so large as to be quite uncomfortable when I held it in my hand.

The saleschick had the idea that Apple would finance it for me and charge me just $40 per month. "Can I see your credit card?"

Perhaps you can see where I am going here.

Then she suggested that AT&T finance it. That's $30 per month with AppleCare being a separate purchase. Some men with guns turned up and said "ACCESS DENIED"

It seems that I never paid off the contract for my first iPhone. That had something to do with taking off to Reno in Mom's car. My iPhone 4 was stolen in the Grover Beach McDonalds. Silly me I left it on my table when I went to take the piss.

So I said I'd pay the full amount. About a grand because I wanted the 256 MB memory so as to store my whole music library.

But AT&T won't even let me have an account. I humored her and wrote down the phone number and my old account number, but then said I wanted to go with T-Mobile.

She said "Let me just sell you the phone then you take it to the T-Mobile shop on Broadway.

T-Mobile set me right up.

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Created by Batman 11 months ago
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Think Pink.

I love that cute chick on the bike that used to be the spokesmodel for T-Mobile. They've been my carrier for over a decade. I just can't see how anyone but complete neophytes able to stomach the iron bondage of an Apple product. Etch-a-Sketch users have more freedom. But yeah, they're great for computer illiterates.

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