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As you are probably aware, all multistory building fires throughout history have resulted in the burning buildings collapsing at free fall speeds into their own footprint except for those buildings that didn't catch fire on September the 11th 2001.


What could be the cause of the strange behavior of these non September the 11th 2001 multistory building fires that cause them not to collapse like a controlled demolition? What is the physics behind steel reinforced concrete structures that enables them to withstand fires lasting more than 24 hours without falling over into a molten slag pile like all other buildings of this type throughout history except those that didn't happen on September the 11th 2001? And why does this strange phenomenon only happen when it isn't September the 11th 2001? Is it some strange astronomical alignment thing maybe to do with the pull of the moon that keeps them upright or could it be something more sinister?

This phenomenon of free falling into their own footprint is so well known that media outlets even joke "There are concerns now that the building may collapse". This is part of the so called "Illuminati High Magik" or, in simpler terms, the elite's highly advanced and scientifically refined fear based mass mind control social engineering system built upon Nazi propaganda experience and psycho-drama, where not only do they not cause the building to collapse, but they tell you that they didn't cause it before they don't do it and it doesn't. This is in stark contrast to the reassuring messages put out by the BBC that WTC 7 had collapsed several minutes before it actually did as is normally expected for all building fires of this type except those that didn't happen on September the 11th 2001.

Now I know a lot of people out there are going to try and psychologically deflect the acceptance of the facts of their harsh reality by instead calling me various derogatory names like 'realist', 'aware', 'open eyed', 'rationalist', etc... but I can't help but feel this isn't due to astronomical conditions but rather due to a high level super governmental conspiracy of not installing steel beam cutting shaped thermite charges at strategic locations throughout these buildings. I know how crazy this sounds, that a group more powerful than the most powerful government in the world isn't strategically placing steel beam cutting shaped thermite explosive charges throughout high rise buildings all around the world before they catch fire and not control demolishing them under the guise of a terrorist attack to further their own agenda of increasing their control, power and wealth, but this is the only plausible explanation we have for these exceptional events where these burning buildings fail to collapse.

The Grenfell tower inferno is just the latest strange occurrence of a steel and concrete high rise building not collapsing in a manner reminiscent of a controlled demolition from fire, but while you might just write it off as just 'one of those things' I hope it makes you pause and think for a bit. Maybe, just maybe, the conspiracy is true, that no one had put any thermite charges in this building at all!

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The UK government did 911!

<embed height="400" width="600" src="&lt;a href=" https:="" <a="" href="http://youtube.com" rel="nofollow">youtube.com="" embed="" dXO7P-r1vSE"="" rel="nofollow">https://youtube.com/embed/dXO7P-r1vSE"/>

This was the fire inspector:

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Regarding the BBC calling the collapse of WTC 7 several minutes before it actually collapsed, I'll just state for the record that I was watching the BBC coverage of 9/11 from after the first plane hit, but before the second... I can state that I watched the BBC announce the collapse of WTC 7, then retract the statement, then restating it after it did actually collapse a few minutes later... all live... At the time I thought "that was pretty weird"... (a lot to process, right?)... looking back now, I do believe it was practice of the sort of high level occult magik that these sorts do... actually a psychological attack if you don't understand what magik is... to show to those who do see it how hopelessly locked up they are, and only reinforced by how most people fall for it and can't see what is right in front of their eyes... They are literally showing you they are doing it!

I truly believe this is refined Nazi mind control (propaganda, social engineering, etc)... as Hitler said... make the lie big enough, and repeat it often enough, and it becomes the truth... Also look up Operation Paperclip, how high level Nazi's were whitewashed and put into high level government positions in the US government directly after WWII... mostly the psychologists and propaganda experts... also scientists, Werner von Braun being the classic example for his rocketry knowledge... remember that pre WWII, most of the west, but definitely the US, believed in and practiced eugenics... they still do! Just not so openly... a sort of crypto-eugenics.... see nixon's propaganda adviser's statement re the drug war... (We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be poor or black...)

Other "weird" things from that day include the fact that NORAD were running an 'exercise' of terrorists flying planes into the WTC... I mean... pretty fucking weird right???!??? RIGHT??? This caused confusion to NORAD operators when planes actually hit the towers and they didn't know if they were getting real life data or simulation data... delaying the response from the air force. This is part of the OFFICIAL story people!

The two main towers were hit by 747's and people think it seems reasonable that the buildings would collapse from this... but the towers were specifically designed to take a direct impact from 737s... Now 747s are bigger than 737s, by about 40% or so (a bit less I think)... so, you might think well, they weren't designed to handle that... BUT... engineers build things to handle a certain load normally by building in a safety margin of two to three times the worst case expected load... so they should have withstood much more than a 747... more like two to three 737s could knock them down, but not a 747... going by standard engineering practice.

Secondly, even if they would collapse from a plane impact, you would expect them to fall over like a domino... not into their own footprint... and even then, you wouldn't expect near freefall speeds in the collapse, but something much slower... they didn't collapse like you might expect in a worst case collapse from a plane hitting them.

There were large pools of molten steel in the resulting rubble. This is really weird... A year or so after the event I queried this on k5, and localroger said that this was due to the potential energy of the building being converted to kinetic energy during the fall, and then converted into heat energy melting the steel beams and so we should expect large pools of molten steel... okay I thought... BUT years later I thought more about it and seriously... If you drop a large steel beam from 500m onto concrete or a dead stop or whatever, what do you expect to see, a puddle of molten steel or a seriously bent fucking steel beam? Come on... common sense people... These aren't kinetic weapon steel beams dropped from orbit here... Planes fall from higher altitudes and you don't see puddles of molten metal, you see seriously fucked up twisted metal and that's it! Puddles of molten steel are the result of using thermite to cut key beams and joints, ie a controlled demolition. Also micro-metallic-spheroids showed up in all sorts of samples skeptical third parties took from the dust nearby... you would only expect these from thermite... not from a simple collapse... also, why did they clean up the site so quickly with so little forensic analysis? Again... PRETTY FUCKING WEIRD!!

In all this death and destruction Mr Mohamad Atta's passport somehow miraculously survived and was sitting nice and intact on top of all that fucked up powdered concrete, molten steel, fire and rubble... seriously? You believe that?

You've all read the PNAC paper too, right? Pact for a New American Century, signed by all those involved in the Iraq war... Wolfowitz, Rumsfield, Cheney, Bush.... etc... I mean, it directly states the need for a terror attack, like a Pearl Harbour to achieve their goals... and literally says they may even need a manufactured false flag attack... You know that right? Like just a few years before 9/11 the usual suspects are literally saying that they may have to manufacture one to garner support for american imperialism and world domination... publicly... and you still can't solve this jigsaw puzzle? Even when they put it all in front of you? wtf is wrong with you?

Now... here's the last part of the scary puzzle... I was never a believer in the official story, that's true... I thought YUP, bush knew about it, bush wanted it... he wanted an excuse to go back into Iraq and finish his daddy's war... it all makes sense... that bastard was right up there planning it... BUT... since then I've rethought this idea, and replaced it with something far more frightening... bush knew about it, but he had no choice... and my evidence is provided by bush directly... If you remember on the day he was reading to school children... Michael Moore and others took the piss out of him... he was reading a book called "My Pet Goat"... but he was reading it UPSIDE DOWN!!! LOL, pres bush is so stupid he doesn't know which way up you read a book... do you believe he was really that stupid? Come on! This is a classic "Satanic" way of delivering hidden messages, putting them upside down or back to front... My Pet Goat upside down was clearly a sign for those who could see it that Bush was saying HE was the pet goat, a scapegoat actually (all very basic "satanic" imagery... satanists often consider themselves scapegoats)... he knew some people would blame him, but this was literally the BEST he could do to say it WASN'T him, but he couldn't stop it...

I don't know what threats they put on Bush... they probably killed Kennedy, right... So, Bush probably got an offer like, go along with us or we'll kill you if you speak out... fair enough... but the offer he was given may have even been FAR worse than that... go along with us, three thousand will die, but you'll profit OR go against us and we'll kill you and three million americans instead (nuke downtown NYC or something)... so, you could imagine that he actually did do the best he could given the circumstances... My only evidence for this is the upside down book AND the fact that young georgey looked like a frightened man even just before they officially gave him the news that the US was under attack... He didn't look like someone who had planned world domination... but someone who knew what was up, but couldn't do shit to stop it.

Bill Hicks explains US Presidency.

Now, while we're going down the rabbit hole, I guess we'll go one more step at least... Terrorism, the whole MSM idea of terrorism, is a LIE... not only is it a lie, it's actually a completely, straight out of the 1984 manual, Orwellian redefinition twisting of a word that had one meaning and now means the almost direct opposite of its original meaning by media repetition (see hitler)... look it up if you don't believe me... look any of this up... it's all documented... Terrorism originally referred to a SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT... it means STATE RULE BY FEAR! A stateless group of goat herding nomads cannot be terrorists... because TERRORISM can ONLY be committed by THE STATE!

And the ironic thing of all this is that you actually are living under terrorism! Democracy is pretty much well and truly subverted... like in the matrix analogy, it gives you the appearance of choice... but whoever you vote for, the chosen government always gets in... in doesn't matter republican or democrat... both sides were chosen for you in advance... who can rise up in either party is well controlled... acceptable ideas are controlled and manufactured by the media... the secret service squirrels play a role in all this... and religion... it's all under the control of the elite... David Icke DOES do a great exposition on how they manipulate the systems that let them do this (just take the reptilian shapeshifters as a very correct analogy and he's 100% right... btw, our human brains are built on top of reptilian brains that still exist pretty much the same as they exist in reptiles... the mammalian cortex and the NEO (get it?) cortex are basically built directly ON TOP of this reptilian system that continues to operate because it works... he's almost directly correct even if you do take it literally... it's just that we all have these reptilian shapeshifting instincts in us (but the elite much more so), that give rise to fear, control, territoriality, scarcity mindedness, fight or flight...)... If you want something easier to digest, look at Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent... The truth is the elite do run the shop, democracy is like coke or pepsi, it's all poison sugar water for you... (and I don't know the solution here, but it must start with acknowledging the truth of our situation)...

So, YES... we live in a system of government (in the broader sense, to govern is to control) that is actually terrorism... We are primarily ruled by fear... Terror is their number one tool! Let's just look at the surface low level fear they rule us by... The extremes on the news that we are all told to fear, the terrorists, pedophiles and drug dealers.. You see, they got you scared of your own neighbours... maybe not YOUR next door neighbours, but probably those in the poorer parts of your town or the poor town next to you... it's probably full of those types, right? Definitely foreigners are all those things... Ironically, we know that it is actually the elite that rule by terror... we know from other expositions that the BIG drug dealers are probably your CIA types, military, secret service all working for the elite... (The US goes into afghanistan and TRIPLES heroin production, wtf? right?)... so, now we know that the elite are both the terrorists and the drug dealers!!! (So, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Icke is right that they are also massive pedophiles too... maybe that pizzagate thing is really onto something... maybe they advance the pedo's in their network because it simultaneously gives them access to and control over the psychopathic types that can do those type of things and FAR WORSE! But we're in the realm of high conjecture I think... so just a hunch.. the others are proven).

You also have the fears that keep you trapped in your stupid lifestyle where you have no time to think and question... What if you lose your job and can't send your kids to the right schools... Everyone's losing their jobs around you, it's the global financial crisis... better keep your head down, work harder, stress more, think less, question less, follow the crowd... don't ask these questions... That low level fear and the other fears are constantly sold to you to manipulate you and to STEAL from you... drink coffee every morning so you are productive to your masters... drink beer every night so you are stupid, relax in front of the television so we can program you... binge drink on the weekends so you are totally stupefied... then hate that poor crack head on the street... it's all their fault your life is so fucked up... it's so obvious.

This is all part of the "Five Steps to Tyranny". A simple step by step formula for creating a scapegoat that society will all go along with and attack instead of seeing where the real problems come from. So, you live under terrorism, you blame goat herders for it... You're afraid of being poor because the elite are stealing so much from you, you blame the homeless crack head... We look back now how obvious the propaganda was against the jews, the blacks, the chinese, the mexicans or whatever... we think we're evolved... we're starting to accept the homosexuals, which is good... but we still have an "Other" in the Islamists (not a race, see), the drug addicts (it's their choice, not a race, they deserve what WE put them through) and always hate on the poor (it's the poor's fault that the elite are stealing everything from everyone? Ummmm... OKAY... that's pure psychology at work)... While you're attacking all these "Others", usually those "below" you... you are no threat to the real power brokers... and that's why they program you this way...

And the ironic thing is... they sell you all these "False Fears"... and the reason you so readily gobble them all up is because (again, like the matrix), they have offered you a choice (or the appearance of it)... you can believe in the terrorist, drug dealers and pedo fears... because to reject those fears you have to accept something SO MUCH SCARIER... that your government is not the democracy it appears to be, your media isn't the free fountain of unbiased information you think it is, your economy isn't the free choice it appears to be... no... the truth is you are a slave, terrorised by the very people claiming to protect you from all these monsters... and that's too much fear for most to accept... so they block most of it out, they reject it and instead accept the smaller but mostly false fears that are elsewhere and that your masters can save you from, if you just give up a little bit more liberty and give them just a little bit more control over you and others.

No slave is as productive as one who believes themselves free.

Now, you can point to some crazy ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Quaeda shitheads and say, BUT LOOK THERE ARE ACTUAL TERRORISTS... well... yes... but what's actually going on is that the gobalist elite are manufacturing these guys too... We drone bomb their schools, hospitals, weddings... maybe even actual 'legit' targets... but this type of warfare only further infuriates and radicalises the very people we are (supposedly) trying to get rid of... this is calculated... note how terrorism is now a much greater threat actually than it ever was before we started the war on terror? When they start these wars, they often want more of what they say they are fighting... it gives them the plausible deniability, it gives them the "Other" to focus our hate on... it gives us something to be scared of... AND they PROFIT from it all while we lose those wars (see the war on drugs, amirite?)... Here's another funny thing I once heard on some BBC documentary... Al Quaeda is Arabic and it means "the foundation"... no, that's what I heard it meant recently... foreign languages often can be translated in many ways... the BBC doco I'm talking about said it meant "The Base" as in "The database", actually, the CIA database of islamic assets... You know how OBL used to work for the CIA in afghanistan fighting against the russians on behalf of the US... and the rest of his crew were US allies right up until we abandoned them because we didn't care anymore... Al Quaeda is literally a creation of the CIA... they are the assets in the CIA database, and the CIA actually came up with their name... or so this documentary from about a decade ago said... So, this is the type of thing they do to keep everyone distracted... keep everyone fighting against each other so they don't fight the real problem... simple divide and conquer tactics.

I highly recommend watching the Five Steps to Tyranny documentary... the thing about the way they can create "Others" to attack... is that it can be literally anyone... the communists, the drug addict, the drug dealer, the jew, the black, the muslim... they just spin that wheel around and around and literally any group at any time can come under fire... you think you're on top today... but tomorrow it can just as easily be you. The best defense against this system is understanding it... educate yourself and others.

Okay... there's enough red pill for today... go back to your beer and your telly and remember your government and the elite want what's best for you (does that even sound plausible to you?)...

Go back to sleep everybody, your government has it all figured out. Go back to sleep and watch american gladiators. Your government is in control everybody, you are free, you are free to do as we tell you, you are free to do as we tell you, you are free to do as we tell you...

LOL... goodnight everyone!

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Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7

<embed width="560" height="315" src="&lt;a href=" https:="" <a="" href="http://www.youtube.com" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com="" embed="" _nyogTsrsgI"="" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/embed/_nyogTsrsgI"/>

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Kr3ddit Coast to Coast with Alex Jones and Crocodile Dundee.

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This is exactly how they get away with it too!

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