It is a GOP baseball practice place near DC.

He was a nerd virgin, a neck beard, an Internet Tough Guy Beta Male that could no longer put up with the GOP and Trump calling him a loser before his candidate lost.

Why do these crazy public shooters etc almost always end up 90% democrat? Is it a false flag event to take away our guns by doing public shootings until martial law is declared and they take our guns away via emergency powers?



Even Crawford would speak out against taking up arms against people who have a different political view than he has! This is turning into a Civil War 2.0 Red states vs. Blue states.

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Created by tdillo 11 months, 1 week ago
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You forget to mention that he was incited to violence by the poisonous vitriol spewed by liberal leftist lesbian Rachel Madcow who gave him the hit list. Rumor has it that NBC head Steven Burke has overruled Phil Griffin (MSNBC head) ordering several left wing anchors, cancelling or reworking liberal fake news programs like the last word and TRMS. In addition he has directed the network to hire more conservative reporters and create more right wing shows in order to at least slow the precipitous drop in ratings. The Democratic party is all but destroyed with no clear leadership and numerous factions all calling themselves Dems even though they have nothing in common all infighting over the scraps.

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Created by OrionBlastar 11 months ago
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I think Fox News is hiring liberals now, I think you should apply. They got rid of Poppa Bear Bill O'Reilly because he grabbed some women like Megyn Kelly by the pussy or something. Bill Cosby Bill Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, damn every man named Bill is accused of sexual harassment, rape, etc?

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Created by MiniTrue 11 months, 1 week ago
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Like you said there is a civil war going on again as the history is rewritten and Democrats hide their past misdeeds and racist and slave owning ancestors who fought for the south while the GOP fought for the north and wanted to end slavery and end racism and bring about equal rights.

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