A couple times now, when I tried to type a single character, I'd get a dialog that asks "Tell us what you're doing".

The first time I thought I'd crashed so I took care to give them a careful explanation. But afterward I discovered that I had not crashed.

They just wanted to know what I'm doing. What I'm trying but failing to do is post on the tubes.

This second time I typed a single letter "x". I thought I had it fooled but when I tried to type again the dialog came back. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the browser.

I typed a few words of random gibberish, but no that didn't work. They must check the spelling.

After the third time I closed the tab.

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Created by tdillo 1 year ago
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Your browser has been hijacked.

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Created by OrionBlastar 1 year ago
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You should really use Linux or MacOS when you surf gay porn and other types of porn the Russian Mafia are in. They hijacked your web browser and will soon install ransomware requiring that you send them bitcoins to decrypt your files.

Google Chrome invades your privacy try SRWare Iron instead:


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