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Sorry, trying to move away from political posts. I figure with the stench of collusion, corruption, nepotism, and incompetence surrounding the WH it's just a matter of time. However, this is just too good not to talk about.

Yesterday, TAX DAY in over 150 cities across the land millions of people marched demanding Trump release his tax returns. Trump chastized the folks who were peacefully exercising their first amendment rights. First by calling for a probe into the protestors then claiming that they were all "paid" by some shadow orginazation. Finally losing his cool saying that he "Won the Election Easily! and saying that he accomplished the impossible and won the Electoral College. Finally after strong pushback he exclaimed, "The election is OVER!!!' and said that the protest was 'unfair'.

Now as an unabashed Liberal Democrat I have had to listen to conservatives speak of Liberal Tears, call us Special Snowflakes and saying we needed a 'Safe Space'. Well after reading these tweets seems to me Trump considers himself a Special Snowflake and needs a Safe Space. 'unfair'? Awww, I guess he feels bullied by the big bad protesters. And I got news for you. Those people marching are NOT all Democrats and Liberals and LGBT. Many of those folks are Republican and Independents and everything in between. As Americans we all have a stake in this no matter your ideology. I normally argue that non-Americans should butt out of our nations business but in this case I make an exception. What Trump does, his actions, his orders and his policies extend far beyond our borders and affect nearly every Western nation on the planet.

And the Cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the brass tacks of the matter is, he could make this WHOLE thing dissappear. Make it become a non-issue. Take the wind out of their sails. All he would have to do is release his tax returns like EVERY POLITICIAN ELECTED TO PUBLIC OFFICE HAS DONE. That's it.

While not releasing his returns in no way indicates that there is anything fishy going on, the fact that he adamantly refuses to do so and does his utmost to distract the populace, along with the multiple Investigations and I'm talking Criminal Investigations into him and his campaigns actions during the election. Not to mention the cloud of suspicion surrounding people he has as members and former members of his cabinet, his advisors and the naked nepotism shown towards his son-in-law and daughter revealing his returns would go a long way towards clearing up at least some of the suspicion.

We're not even up to the first 100 days and already Trump acts more and more like a third world dictator trying to silence any and all dissent. Not like the statesman people expect to make America great again. It has been just one fumble and bumble after another. Failure after failure but when people point it out then they are being UNFAIR.

If it wasn't so serious it would be outright hilarious.

Well, that's enough for me. I apoligize for the rant, thank you all for allowing me to get this off my chest. Hope you all are having a very Hoppy Easter.

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El presidente is too strategic to release his tax returns without getting something in return.

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In retrospect, it would have been funnier if Obama had kept his birth certificate secret.

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At any rate it hardly matters. By the time BO released his BC most everybody on the right considered it fake news, as well if Trump released his tax forms now, if they DIDN'T contain a smoking gun you know the Dems are going to scream FAKE NEWS as well. Basically if the stuff came out and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that monkey business was going on the opposition would pounce like a starving dingo on a baby while if everything was squeaky clean you know folks would yell WHITEWASH! Just look at Benghazi. All that time and all that money , nothing found, but even today we still hear about emails and servers and requests for aid that were denied.


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