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Most of us use Can't, but Jesus took away the t because it looks like a cross and made it say Can instead.

The best message of Easter I have seen so far.

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The original story of Easter began with the goddess Eostre and the god Attis. Attis was depicted as a shepherd and was known as The Keeper of The Tree of Life. Attis was also a virgin and being so disgusted with having genitalia he cut off his dick and balls. Attis was murdered by his brother while relaxing in his fathers garden. However, being a god he was resurrected each year to see over his flock. Turns out he was murdered on a Friday and rose again three days later. This event occurred each Spring.

In ancient Mesopotamia and Syria the rabbit or hare was associated with rebirth, which is why many Middle Eastern graves are decorated with images of Rabbits. Not unsurprisingly rabbits were also associated with lust and sexual excess and spring was a natural time to celebrate sex,
fertility and rebirth and therefore rabbits became associated with these celebrations.

Now Eostre had nothing at all to do with Attis. I mean they were not part of the same pantheon or anything. Nor did she have anything to do with rabbits in particular. However, her followers celebrated a special festival during the spring which lasted for two days. And one legend was that any water drawn during this period had miraculous powers and thus was a holy water.

So you had all these myriad celebrations of ancient gods all occurring in mid spring and they became blended together. So you ended up with Eostre Rabbits and the story of the resurrected Attis who died on Friday and returned to life three days later. You had a weekend celebration with 'holy water' and lots of wild sex. Bunch of stuff going on.

Later, when the Catholic church was trying to convert the pagans to Christianity the priests decided to co-opt the festivals already taking place. The same way they co-opted the ancient holiday of Saturnalia and created Christmas. They took the story of Attis which dovetailed nicely with the story of Christ and adopted Eostre (Easter) along with her bunnies and all the other fertility trappings and altered it to fit the story they were trying to sell the pagans.

Now how we ended up with colored eggs and all that I don't know but speculate that it had something to do with fertility and wouldn't be surprised if early man thought that boiled eggs were some kind of Aphrodisiac or even a cure for pre-historic ED.

At any rate, we ended up with a Spring Celebration where we honor the murder, crucifixion and ultimately the rebirth of the Shepard, The Tree of Life, during a weekend celebration known as Easter where miracles are expected and bunnies representing sex and fertility prance about.

And now you know . . .

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Someone needs to tell Dawkins to never fuck around with history majors.


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Can't die, can die, candy chocolate easter eggs!!!

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From Sunday School A few weeks ago . . .

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