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FreeK666 is the fall back for those jonesing for Free Speech as in Money. The site ain't all that yet but it seems to work and already has fresh content.

Personally I think if Kr5ddit looked like FreeK666 but still had the goodies rolled up in the Kr5ddit site it would get more use and more traffic. Sporting the visual style of the defunct Kuro5hin site FreeK666 seems more comfortable than Kr5. It also helps that it doesn't make your eyes bleed to look at. Bonus is that FreeK666 looks good on mobile as well!

What do you freeks think? Should we make a poll? Sign a petition?

Happy Easter!

Really missed you over there Crawford while Kr5ddit.com was down. I need my Crawford status update.
Hope you are well stocked with bananas!
Me, I just bought some AWESOME coffee. I mean this is the straight shiznik. From the fuckin source, picked by hand and processed by virgins. A little pricey but worth it. I had to call in some favors too. Ummm, just Ummm.

Making my Spaghetti tonite. I make my own sauce and use fresh ingriedients. You see I LOATHE spaghetti and have done my entire life. However, my cajun bride has a thing for Italian food. Weird I know. Anyways since I do all the cooking I had to create a recipe that I could enjoy. It took several years but now my spaghetti is so fucking good. I don't share the recipe as I decided it will be a family secret passed from father to son. Sorry. It really is awesome and I can't wait.

Last night was pasta with a light sauce, butterfly chops and creamed potatoes. This week I'm making nachos, slo-cooker pinto beans (garlic, salt, pepper, onion and fresh cilantro). I started an indoor herb garden and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Not doing eggs this year. Might erect some crosses on the neighbors lawn in celebration of the season. Thinking about setting them alight so they'll be visible at night. I'm certain the neighborhood will welcome it. I should wear my white Easter suit as well. What do you guys think?

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Created by kr5dit 1 year, 1 month ago
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We're still under attack...


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what to try when freek666 is down?

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freek666 seems to run pretty well, but when it gets overloaded (a few users) it can look like it's down, but it's still there actually...

This is no guarantee that just because it looks like it's down next time that it isn't.

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